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Weapons Grade Computing. NOT.


"This":cnet is so mind-bogglingly stupid, I don't even know what to say:

p(quote).. The dramatic tightening of export regulations is included in the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual military funding bill that has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives. Though the proposed rules are only a tiny portion of the 630-page bill, they could have a devastating impact on the computer industry. Read more »

Thomas Jefferson, where art thou?

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." - Thomas Jefferson.

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"...[A] state of war is not a blank cheque for the President..."


p. The Globe and Mail "reports":gm:

p(quote). The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a major blow to the Bush administration's war on terrorism yesterday, ruling that terrorism suspects -- including the 600 foreigners being held at Guantanamo Bay -- have a right to question their detention in U.S. courts.

And get this: Read more »

They must've forgotten

Once in a while I like to take a dark trip down into the deep reaches of the Democratic Underground, a popular message board for ultra-left chatter. Personally, when the topic isn't just another round of Bush bashing, I'm curious to find what the big government proponents and anti-individualists have to say. It's like a frightening reality show guaranteed to give one occasional nightmares. Read more »

The Colour of Monie

Notice something wrong with the spelling of the headline above? Yes, that's right, I've spelt 'monie' incorrectly. And according to my English UK Microsoft spellchecker, everything else is perfectly correct, including of course the word 'colour'. Which is as it should be, as I sit here in the leafy-greened splendour of the Queen's blessed and many wondrous sceptred isle. Read more »

The Chaotic Mind and the Purpose of Philosophy

Micha's earlier post really got me to thinking. What does one do when one's earliest memories are thoughts of suicide? Most turn to religion to help bring peace to their mind. I tried that. Although when your first memories (around age 7 for me) are suicidal, your worldview tends to be a rather amorphous agnosticism. This drew me to philosophy. (I bet you already figured out that I was talking about myself. Give yourself a reward. ;-) Read more »

Uncle Joe lives

Some days you may feel that you have it bad living in America, especially if you live in somewhere horrific like Taxachusetts. But please spare a thought this morning for those of us in the UK who think the heady heights of Boston's Bunker Hill would be an Austro-libertarian wonderland compared to what we have to put up with over here.

In many ways Britain resembles a living experiment of what it will be like in the US in a few years time if you let the socialists in Washington DC take over even more control from your lives. So beware! Read more »

Fro-Town Classic!

My hometown parties tonight, as Good triumphs over Evil!


(Kudos to Johnathan ... not much to add to his post below) :)

Ronald Reagan R.I.P.

Former president Ronald Reagan died at 93.


The People Have Spoken...

...and we gladly heed their advice. Read more »

Iraqi convertible


Photo from Spiegel

Baby Steps or Cold Turkey

Imagine the following scenario... Read more »

The World According to Hans-Hermann Hoppe

I possess three brain cells. One is concerned with food and beer, particularly Sam Adams light, the black stuff from Guinness, and any full strength export lager originating from Sweden. The second brain cell is concerned with personal visions of a possible future in which my children's children may grow up. The third brain cell, God bless it, is concerned with music, philosophy, chess, politics, writing, art, fine Pinot Noir wine, provocative Stilton cheese, good conversation, and, when it has the chance, the dubious arts of adult education and the brown-eyed charms of Penelope Cruz. Read more »

Fantastic Fantasia

Well, the dust finally settled on the third installment of American Idol, with Fantasia Barrino taking the top honors, receiving the majority of sixtysome million votes tallied last night. North Carolina native Fantasia is a talented singer who's been frequently compared to Macy Gray and Aretha Franklin, and edged out Diana Degarmo. Read more »

"In the long run, the utility of all non-Free software approaches zero."


"Mark Pilgrim explains":mark why we at will shortly be changing our content management system from Moveable Type to WordPress.

Link via "Slashdot":slashdot

UPDATE: "Apparently":mark2, I am the 1,000,001^st^ person to write a post just like this.

One Step Closer to Private Space Travel


From "":space

p(quote).. A desert airdrome in Mojave, California is on the final glide path to getting government approval for becoming an inland gateway to space. Read more »

Critics Respond, Moore or Less

The anti-Moore crowd will have some good reading material at the local bookstore this summer. I hope it's made into a film.

Separated at birth?

kerry.jpg kerrytwin.jpg

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Michael Moore Hates America

My apologies if you have already heard this, but according to the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper this morning, an irreverent young man, called Mike Wilson, is working on a film due for release in the summer about America's greatest ever blue collar hero: Read more »