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Not again...



Welcome to the Jungle

Given its position as the leading opponent to the US-led war on Iraq, the paper says, "France could have hoped to be spared this cruel ordeal".

Goodbye IRS, Hello NST?

I've noticed more chatter lately about the notion of launching a national sales tax along with the elimination of the federal income tax. Still catching up on the details behind it all, but Neal Boortz provides his own detail - complete with hypothetical case examples - of the idea (an idea that would likely never see the light of day) on Townhall.

Didn\'t Abe Lincoln get rid of this?

Holy Toledo!

Eminent Domain abuse du jour:

The City of Toledo is giving a small auto-repair shop until midnight to vacate property at the edge of DaimlerChrysler AG's Jeep plant so one of the town's biggest employers can have more space around its sprawling facility and build a new entrance for trucks.

The land, once owned by Kim and Herman Blankenship for Kim's Auto & Truck Service Inc., is being seized by the city under eminent domain and turned over to DaimlerChrysler for economic development.

The \"G\" Word

Here we go again.

After every natural disaster, the logical laws of supply and demand get removed out of the American psyche. Instead, just like clockwork, typing in "gouging" and "Hurricane Charley" into Google will net more than enough results to keep one occupied all morning.

From this Washington Times article: Read more »

Some Like It Hot

A headline in an MSNBC article warns us of more heat waves, and makes several references to a hot spell that occurred in Chicago "in recent years".

"More"? Those of us in the Midwest are still searching for our first one of the year. Read more »

Iraqi Futbol

Without the fear of Odai's torture chambers had they lost, the Iraqis played more relaxed... and upset Portugal 4-2.

Maybe next time, they\'ll think twice.

Five guys with knives tried to carjack a guy in Detroit early this morning. Maybe they didn't count on the guy having a gun. Now two of the would-be carjackers are being served hospital food, while the other three are sitting in a jail cell.

I do enjoy happy endings.

When Politicans Accidentally Tell The Truth

p(quote).. "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

p>. "George W. Bush":

p. Now, don't get me wrong. There is a crowd of people following him around all day, every day, just waiting for him to say something stupid so they can gleefully report it to the nation. This one in particular struck me, though. Could the man's conscience be trying to speak out through Freudian slips?


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Hollywood outsourcing jobs overseas

Lewd shirt, no service

On an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York, a man, Oscar Arela, was wearing a shirt considered obscene by the airline. The shirt depicted a woman's naked breast. And, refusing to change or turn it inside-out, he and his girlfriend were booted off the flight faster than you can say "Janet Jackson".

The knee-jerk reaction by the couple is that their constitutional right to free speech was violated. Read more »

More on Disproving Morality

Frequent Catallarchy commenter Mark provides his answer of how to disprove morality.

Since I posted my moral principles here, some attacks on falsifying this system are: Read more »

Sean Lynch

Sean is a consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been labelled a "California Technoptimist," due to the fact that he lives in California, where many share his view that technology will help render government obsolete. Read more »

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Immigrant Song (and Subsidy)

I read on Boortz' column today that the US granted citizenship to 7,000 Russian Muslims who will be settling in Pennsylvania. The newcomers will be treated to housing, furniture, English-language courses, and life-long welfare allowances paid for by US taxpayers.

Two things immediately come to mind: Read more »


World-renowned chess player Bobby Fischer is currently being detained by Japan's immigration authorities, with possible deportation to the United States. Fischer is being charged with violating international sanctions against Yugoslavia in 1992 by attending a chess match in that year there. Read more »