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The first libertarian president?

(via Unqualified Offerings, via Hit & Run)

Ron Bailey informs us of another positively brilliant national Democrat gracing us with his wisdom- this time, instead of the erudite Gen. Clark, its John Kerry, telling us the true nature of George W. Bush: Read more »

New bill will give British police control over internet in emergencies

A bill is to be introduced in Britain that will give police control of the internet in the event of a terrorist strike. Read more »

Simberg on O'Reilly

Rand Simberg has some thoughts on Bill O'Reilly's recent criticisms of 'these websites these days.' He points out that changing times call for not only changing interpretations of the First Amendment, but also for abandoning principles once thought vital to a free society. His post draws you in inch by inch, squeezing your vital organs with its audacity, and finishing with a flourish.

UK public oppose ID cards according to study

By an overwhelming margin, UK residents responded against the idea of a national ID card in a study performed by the Home Office.

In response to a parliamentary question from MP Anne McIntosh, Home Office minister Beverley Hughes has confirmed that over 5,000 of the 7,000 responses to a public consultation on the issue were opposed to the scheme.

Midwives attempt to curb infant mortality

While the public health officials create task forces, form committees to 'study the problem', blame the problem on society, create reports, and make final plans to present to their bosses, a group of women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are actually doing something about the high infant-mortality rate in the region. They will be focusing their efforts on pre-natal care, leaving the actual deliveries to hospitals.

Bounty hunters face jail time for kidnapping

The Andrew Luster story has been all over the news lately. Briefly, he is the rich heir of a cosmetics mogul who was sentenced to life in jail (in absentia) for raping multiple women by poisoning their drinks with the drug GHB. He fled to Mexico where bounty hunters finally caught up with him yesterday. The part of the story that is most interesting is that the bounty hunters, along with Luster, were subsequently caught by Mexican police, and now bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman faces 20 years in Mexico for kidnapping. Read more »

Demand-side fallacies from General Wesley Clark

Rachel Lucas points to an interview with Gen. Wesley Clark by Tim Russert this past weekend on Meet the Press. During the interview, Clark said, "I thought this country was founded on a principle of progressive taxation," which Rachel points out, contrary to being a founding American principle, is in fact one of the main tenets of the Communist Manifesto. Read more »

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Just when I was getting ready to start writing on the comparative occurrence of economic depressions/recessions/panics in the 19th and 20th centuries, I get a news flash IM that the ACC, unable to pull off its 'Operation:Chop Job' on the Big East, had decided to finally invite VT to join as well, after only a month ago telling VT to go to Hades, grinning and mocking VT as they did it. So, of course, the rest of my night is blown following the details on various sports message boards. Read more »

If O'Reilly, why not Goldberg?

Billy Beck asks why Bill O'Reilly is catching heat while Jonah Goldberg is not, since Goldberg actually wanted to 'do something' about the blogosphere while O'Reilly just complained. I'm not sure I have the answer to that, but whereas Goldberg proposed something that is ridiculous, it was also relatively harmless that IMO the blogosphere would simply shrug off. Read more »

Open source as kosmos

I wanted to make sure people saw this response linked in a previous comments section from Dave Masten from his excellent website: Read more »