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Gephardt vows to flout the Supreme Court

In yet another gem of idiocy which is turning into a regular feature among Democratic presidential hopefuls (declared or undeclared, in the case of Gen. Clark), Dick Gephardt recently declared that "[w]hen I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day[.]" Read more »

Lawyers meet to discuss War on Obesity

An obesity litigation conference was held in Boston this past weekend to plan how best to sue the food industry successfully in the same manner that tobacco companies have been sued. Here are some choice quotes from the article:

"Remember, many social movements were kick-started by litigation," such as civil rights, environmental, sexual discrimination and tobacco laws, said John Banzhaf III, a conference speaker. [...]

Welcome to Dave Masten

Although he's already posted, and the time for such an introduction somewhat passed, I'd like to extend a welcome to our newest contributor, Dave Masten. He is a very serendipitous pickup from our fledgling comments sections, coming in to comment on Open Source. We looked at his own site , saw that he was Misesian, and offered on the spot.

Always good to have extra writers on board (gives the illusion of busy-ness, especially when the co-blogger who should be writing as much as Jonathan is off doing other things... er, *ahem*).

Harry Potter has done me in

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and began reading the Harry Potter series, and I must say that yes, the hype is correct and they're excellent page-turners so far. I have just completed The Chamber of Secrets, and now move on into unspoiled territory with The Prisoner of Azkaban. Unspoiledness is kind of a treat, as when I was reading both the first and second books, at some points I grew impatient since I knew what was going to happen (of course, still enjoying it along the way). Now, I have the luxury of it all being new, without movie sets and scenes to compare. Read more »

Blogging symposium

There is an interesting transcript of a question/answer symposium on blogs and the media that was sponsored by ANWFA which included Ryan Pitts, Ken Layne, Jeff Jarvis, and Joanne Jacobs on Kevin Holtsberry's blog. [via Joanne Jacobs] Read more »

Orrin Hatch: digital pirate

After proposing that people who file-share should have their computers destroyed by remote control, it appears that Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah is a digital pirate himself. A UK-based software company, Milonic Solutions, claims that prior to last Thursday, Hatch's own website used its Javascript menu system without prior registration or a link to Milonic's website, both of which are required for the free license.

Private security for department stores

An article from last week from the NY Times details the growth of private security systems in department stores across the country. Macy's lost $100 million from shoplifters last year and runs a $28 million dollar a year security operation nationwide, including $4 for its Manhattan store. Accused shoplifters are detained in store 'jails' and interrogated. Verdicts are made as to guilt or innocence. Confessions are signed, and restitution is given by the shoplifter. Read more »

Kim Jong-Il forms boy band

Tired of threatening his neighbors with nuclear annhilation and bored with using mass famine as a political weapon, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il has his sights on something more mundane. In a move sure to surprise many in the international community, Kim has decided to form a boy band with himself as the front man. The group will be named Kom-RADz, and Kim will assume the moniker Special K. Read more »

Balko leans left

Radley Balko is joining the ACLU after being convinced that the greater threat to liberty comes from the right in the form of civil liberties violations rather than from the left in the form of economic regulation. After rightfully pointing out the expansion of government that has taken place under the Bush administration, Radley states that he is not simply choosing the 'lesser of two evils' in his slide leftward. Read more »

Comments about Kerry's remark

I do not know which scares me more, Kerry's remark about Bush's agenda being extreme libertarianism or the comments about it. Brad S. has this to say in Hit &Run:

The rational position is that Social Security should be done away with so that employees and employers alike can take the % of salary that had been going to Social Security and turn it into a 401-k contribution.