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Kinsley on marriage and the state

Michael Kinsley agrees with what I've seen is a growing viewpoint in the blogosphere - that the debate about gay marriage should not be about gay vs. straight, but rather about society vs. state. [via Unqualified Offerings] Read more »

Dreck on the Constitution

Mindles H. Dreck has a follow-up post to an earlier entry on the Constitution, the nature of rights, and the too easily forgotten Ninth Amendment. Like Mindles, I see rights as being 'freedom from' rather than 'right to', i.e., a right of property does not mean that you can do whatever you want to with your property, but rather that others may not interfere with your property. Read more »

What's happening in Iraq?

I keep hearing different things about what is really happening in Iraq.
This USAToday story would seem to indicate that all is chaos and criminals run rampant. Meanwhile, this Reuters story indicates that things are going great in Iraq. Read more »

Haspel on 'Brights'

Richard Dawkins, inventor of the the word 'meme', is at it again. He has now come up with the concept of 'Brights' (a meme?), which according to his website are people "who have a naturalistic worldview." Although I use the word 'meme' in my writing, I am not convinced that it is valid as a meaningful concept. Aaron Haspel has some thoughts on the inherently loaded concept of 'Brights', its redundancy, and the resulting debasement of the English language.

Exploitation or commerce?

Adam Young has a great article at the Mises Institute website about Andre Jehan, a restaurant owner in the Portland area who hired homeless individuals to hold up advertisement signs for the restaurant for 40 minutes in exchange for a slice of pizza, drinks, and a few dollars. In response, others working on behalf of advocate groups like Ralph Nader and Gary Ruskin demanded that they be paid minimum wage.

"If they don't get minimum wage, this is exploitation," [Ruskin] said.

Lucas on college and life

Rachel Lucas is getting ready to graduate college and writes about her experience 'paying her dues'. Read more »

Democracy? Just say no

As I've written before, one of the most dangerous ideas prevalent in modern political culture is the widespread glorification of democracy. 1xdf.gifContrary to popular belief, the Founders did not create a democracy; rather they studied the great societies of history and did everything they could to prevent democracy from arising in America. Read more »

Sabine Herold - Classical Liberal!

wfra04.jpegI will let Sabine say where she stands. This bit of English commentary by Sabine says all that needs to be said. My favorite lines: Read more »

And you thought Homeland Security was bad

The AISO, Australia's central intelligence agency, spies on its citizens much more than the governments of the US or Britain, according to this article.

Australian police forces are using electronic surveillance at 27 times the per capita rate of their US counterparts. The 2514 court warrants issued for phone taps last financial year -- almost double that issued in the US -- was a tenfold increase in the past decade and a 16 per cent rise on the previous year.

Frist endorses Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling that the Texas law prohibiting homosexual relations violates privacy rights, Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) says that he supports a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage. Read more »