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Harry Potter And The Sorceror\'s Bank

2001manxcrownharrypotterallkeysrev240.jpgAs I have read through the entire Harry Potter series, I find that contrary to some opinions that Rowling?s series is a thinly-veiled swipe at Thatcherism (I think the Slate writer is really stretching here), the series is instead filled with a number of liber Read more »

Kalifornia Recall

Speaking of Arnold, the recall movement in California is moving forward, and seems to have enough petition signatures to get the recall on the ballot. Current polls indicate about 60% of registered voters want the Govenor removed from office. Gov. Gray Davis is the poster child for anarchy, hell even total chaos might be preferable to a Davis government. He is a corrupt, lying, parasitic, ... well let's just say he is a politician's politician. The only reason he was re-elected was that the Republocrats (or was it the Demicans? Read more »

Movie Review: <i>T3</i>

I told you 'I'd be back' - The Terminator


Seems Judgement Day was only delayed by the Conners in T2. The machines do rise, and two more Terminators are sent back to either kill or save the Important people. Read more »

The dark cloud

Lest I get carried away in feeling good about the US and the world, I think it's important to hammer home the fact that there are secret & military trials being carried out by the US government, which should rightfully scare the pants off of anyone who appreciates liberty, civil or otherwise.

Here are some links to recent posts from blogs covering this issue:

Too Many Secrets (Setec Astronomy?) (Calpundit)

The silver lining

Orin Kerr over at the Volokh Conspiracy gives more reason to feel good (or at least not so pessimistic) about things, by noting that there hasn't been a terror attack on US soil in 20 months since 9-11, and that for all the potential problems with the PATRIOT act, there haven't been major abuses and usurpations (of course, as he concedes, that we know about). Read more »

Harry Potter And The Free Market

In the course of reading through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a particular passage early on jumped out at me. Ron?s older brother Percy is a rather officious git who, after graduating from Hogwarts, is now a member of the Ministry of Magic, working specifically in the ?Department of International Magical Cooperation.? Harry had the unfortunate luck to ask Percy what he was working on, and Percy replied (before being cut off by Ron): Read more »

Taking Heart

While Jonathan points out the perils that face lovers of liberty both domestic and foreign, I'd like to take a moment to remember (in a random way) what has gotten better in the intervening years since 1776 (or even 1976).

Women and minorities have been freed from state sanctioned oppression- and while state sponsored racial and sexual discrimination still occurs (ala affirmative action & 'disadvantaged business' set-asides), life for all in 2003 is much much better on the whole than 1903. Read more »

Well wishes from Samizdata

Jonathan Pearce of Samizdata has some flattering words for America from across the pond. It is a credit to the culture of the Anglosphere that the British people and the American people have largely forgiven and forgotten the wars of 200 years ago, while collectivist societies in other parts of the world are still mired in perpetual animosities and tribal warfare dating back thousands of years.

Happy 4th of July!

What are we celebrating?

minuteman.jpgWhen the rumblings began in the Colonies, they began as whispers of discontent. The ideas of freedom soon spread like wildfire from person to person, growing to a palpable bulge under the surface of British rule. Read more »

Smoking and the Harm Principle

I thank Pietro of The SmarterCop for highlighting Catallarchy on his blog in response to our entry in the New Blog Showcase. Scrolling down his front page, I noticed a post in response to the Florida smoking ban. Read more »