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Mass murder on the West Coast

One journalist's take on a recent incident out here in the West.

Do your own thing

A reuters article about software guru Ken Sakamura, the inventor of an processor-embedded operating system called TRON, caught my attention. Sakamura could have been (according to the article) as rich as Bill Gates, but is content living an ordinary life. Whereas Microsoft Windows is distributed for a price, TRON is distributed free of charge. Read more »

Moral Hazards of Socialism

Ripped from the Samizdata headlines, a post commenting on the report that people who believe that the state should take care of them, don't take good care of themselves (and engage in riskier behaviors)- ultimately incurring more health care expense.

No! You're kidding me...

Taxes as the Price of Civilization?

I hadn't heard that quote before, but according to Eugene Volokh, it's an accurate quote of Justice Holmes in a 1927 Supreme Court decision.

Everyone getting their money's worth?

First Amendment-free zone

They have taken this zoning stuff a bit far:

Ranger: "You can't protest here."

Browne: "Why?"

Ranger: "This is federal property."

Browne: "What about my First Amendment right to free speech?"

Ranger: "This is a First-Amendment-free zone."

God, how I wish I was making this up.

I wish he was too.

What is E. J. Dionne smoking???

In his homage to socialism yesterday, E. J. Dionne made the following observation: Read more »

Public school cell phone bills

The bill for last year's cell phone use by officials at Albuquerque public schools: $248,000.

Albuquerque public schools plans to cut cell phone bills by more than $60,000 this year.

Concerns arose last year over long-distance charges, late charges and the cost of individual cell phones as the annual bill totaled about $248,000.

Important sayings

Northern Virginia public schools will have to make room for, and unearth copies of, that esoteric document known in extremist circles as the
'Bill of Rights' in response to new legislation.

``Back in our legislative package we said we would prefer not to have postings," said Arlington School Board member Elaine Furlow. ``But if that is the law we will abide by it, then get back to our business."

Some Alexandria School Board members were less circumspect.

Read more »


As a former collegiate anime club president at Virginia Tech, I found it deeply amusing that the over at Steven Den Beste's site, a site known in the past year as a rather hard-hitting military & geopolitical affairs blog (as well as deep thought on engineering), the latest entry is on fanservice in anime, which is basically animated T&A you throw into your work to please the fans (hence the name). Read more »