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Is the right to bear arms conditioned on a Militia?

Randy Barnett, one of the Volokh Conspirators, wonders in a series of posts whether the right to bear arms depends on the existence of a militia (or, if I understand it correctly, your right to own a gun depends on your potentially being part of the general civil defense). Read more »

The Original Sin

Transport Blog: goals

Rights in emergencies

Perry de Havilland of Samizdata makes an interesting case for different approaches to property rights during emergencies. Read more »

Hobbes was wrong

Labor's last legs

An article by Lance Compa in today's Washington Post tries to give some hope to labor enthusiasts in the face of declining union membership.

Since then the drip, drip, drip of annual falling membership figures tortures labor advocates. Is it the sound of blood?

Charley Reese endorses socialized medicine

From his latest column [via Bill St. Clair]:

I never thought I'd say this, but what Congress should do is go whole-hog and provide health care for the entire population and tax people to pay for it. Then the government would be in a position to drive hard bargains with hospitals, pharmaceuticals and doctors.

Tell me again why this guy is supposed to be some sort of libertarian?

Does money grow on Washington?

A column today by Nicholas Kristoff in the NY Times demonstrates the common belief among many that Washington DC is some sort of magical fountain of money to be distributed to the masses. Read more »

Liberty as a Western value

Sage of None the Wiser has a great post on Tony Blair's recent speech in which his cultural relativist side came through, largely to the applause of most observers. The failure to make moral distinctions and human judgments necessary for liberty to come to fruition are the very hallmarks of its deterioration. Read more »

Interstate protectionism

Virginia Postrel's latest NY Times column is about the laws that prohibit the free online trade of wine, in the name of consumer protection. [via Instapundit]

Twenty-six states prohibit almost all direct shipping of out-of-state wines, including seven that make direct sales a felony. Consumers in these states can buy directly from winemakers only if they actually visit the winery.
Read more »