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The Scholastics on property rights and emergencies

Apropos of our earlier discussion on the Spanish Scholastics and Rights in an Emergency, the Mises Institute has another serendipitous post on the original economists' views on what happens when property rights and extreme need intersect: Read more »

The death of albums

Over at Nepenthe Island, Kevin is distressed over the potential death of the album as a carrier for music (with the industry seemingly gearing up for singles-on-demand as the new paradigm): Read more »

Civil society in Afghanistan

The Instapundit shares some good news from Afghanistan via one of his correspondents, showing that civil society is rebounding despite the non-efforts of NGOs and the UN, with the help of US security.

Having it both ways, pt 2

With the latest news from Iraq that the twisted and evil sons of Saddam were killed by US forces, the response from many leftists has been scorn and conspiracy theorizing- that somehow "Bush Knew", and waited until his poll numbers were down to off the gruesome twosome. Read more »

Allende & Cybernet

Keeping with the Allende theme, Bernhardt Varenius over at Anti-Socialist Tendencies relates the interesting story of Allende's quixotic project to actually realize the "omniscient central planner" in the form of a huge computer system (called 'Cybernet') linked to every industry in Chile, that would constantly simulate the economy while recieving day old (or less) data as a tool for Read more »

Salvador Allende - Man, Myth, & Monster

Val at Val e-Dictions has posted a truly masterful work (scholarly, even) which critically debunks and destroys a major article of the Marxist faith- the Allende Myth.


The free market in Iraq

Look out, free market coming through!

At the bottom of this little piece from The Scotsman:

Meanwhile, mobile-phone services were mysteriously available in Baghdad yesterday, bringing cellular service - banned under Saddam Hussein - to ordinary people in the Iraqi capital for the first time.

Officially, a tender for the three mobile-phone licences the US-led administration plans to offer across Iraq has yet to take place.

Read more »

American essence

One of the themes of this blog that I like to emphasize is the difference between society and state. Thomas Paine wrote eloquently about this crucial distinction, and the large part of viewing the world through the liberal meta-context is in recognizing it.

Thus, I offer Bill Whittle's latest essay. He has a gift like no other to capture America. Not the United States, but the civil society called America. Convertibles, optimism, Fleetwood Mac, freedom, Cool Ranch Doritos, big sky country, Normandy, entrepreneurism,... Read more »

The Den Beste dossier

Amid charges of "Bush Lied!" and that the UK government 'sexed up' its Iraq dossier, the left side of the blogosphere has been up in arms that somehow we've all been hoodwinked, flim-flammed, and bamboozled, and that the Iraq war is now, ex-post-facto, completely illegitimate and grounds for Bush's impeachment. Read more »

Who owns your kids?, pt 2

Eugene Volokh sheds light on some truly absurd goings on in New York City- a motivated, scholastic, and apparently highly intelligent young woman has skipped high school and gone straight to college, earning her associate's degree and is on her way to a bachelors, but the state law is that children must go to government school until age 16, and cannot get a GED until 17- and she is 15. Read more »