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Iraqi phones

As I expected, the Occupation Government cares more about expanding their mercantilist empire than Iraqi liberty. Story here.

US hits South Korea with tariffs

This article is somewhat related to the earlier story about what to do when Americans start importing drugs from countries where price caps exist:

The Commerce Department found last month that Hynix dynamic random access memory semiconductors (DRAMS) were unfairly subsidised.

Agents of mass stupidity

An amusing yet grim anecdote of what happens when every citizen is a suspect:

"The FBI is here,"Mom tells me over the phone. Immediately I can see my mom with her back to a couple of Matrix-like figures in black suits and opaque sunglasses, her hand covering the mouthpiece like Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder. This must be a joke, I think. But it's not, because Mom isn't that funny.

Medical personnel might be 'recruited' for 'service'

The Department of Defense is planning to draft medical personnel for military service in the event of a large scale biological or chemical attack, and others may follow:

The Pentagon will draft experienced medical personnel, including medics, nurses and physicians, in the event of a national emergency.
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Hazard to navigation

They're not just yearning to breathe free.


They're also creative.

Mobile Telephony in Iraq

A couple of days ago I pointed out an article about cell phones becoming mysteriously available in Iraq. Of course, I jumped to conclusions, as Brian Micklethwait over at Samizdata points out.

Now the BBC is reporting that the service is in fact from a non-government entity, set up without anyone's permission.

Desire as value

House approves lower-cost drug imports

On one side, Rep. Dan Burton (R):

"It's not about safety, it's about money," said conservative Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., practically hissing the word. "There's a woman ... who's dying of breast cancer," he added. "... How do you tell her when she goes to buy tamoxifen that she can't afford it but she could go right across the border to Canada and get it for one sixth or one seventh the cost."

On the other side, Rep. John Dingle (D): Read more »

Apologies for the Aesthetics

A chain of events starting with a new browser making the blog look 'odd' to me at work led to my fiddling with font sizes, which led to the dates going screwy, which led to my bright idea of reloading a backup- which was out of date, which leads us to today's aesthetic mishmash of yesterdays and today's templates. Read more »

The beginning of the end for California?

California is really getting into a mess. The Dems broadcasted a bull session that includes damning comments about their strategy and attitude. California still doesn't have a budget, and they aren't getting any closer. The recall petition has been officially blessed as having plenty of signatures, so Gray Davis faces a recall vote this fall. It seems that the state government is about to implode. With any luck the myth of government will implode along with the state government.