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Bad prescription

Bob Herbert of the NY Times writes about unemployment woes of today's economy:

The stories have been rolling in for some time about the stresses and misfortunes that are inevitably associated with long-term joblessness: the bankruptcies, foreclosures and evictions, the dreams deferred, the mental difficulties ? anxiety, depression ? the excessive drinking and abuse of drugs, the family violence. There are few things more miserable than to need a job and be unable to find one.

Junk science and junk economics

An outstanding article in the National Post by Pierre Lemieux [found via Mises Blog]: Read more »

Politically correct cookies

Speaking of political correctness, Stephen Hodgson of the new blog Unpersons ruminates on the neutering of gingerbread men. Sage of None the Wiser noticed the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

(What's interesting is that two individuals each on a different continent noticed the same phenomenon.)

More thoughts on the superintendent

I was initially very put off by what I saw as a typical failure of a public school administrator. However, after reading the opinion posted below and reading this article from the Boston Globe, I have been reconsidering things. The article states that the failure rate for initial test takers is 32% and the repeat failure rate is 83%. Read more »

A differing view of the Massachusetts superintendent

From the School Liberator mailing list:

Quite a black eye for the Lawrence MA school system, when school super, Wilfredo Laboy, flunked a required literacy test, not once, not even twice, but three times. [...]

--> Note that we said the embarrassment is not Mr. Laboy's, but the system's. Here's why...

--> Marshall Fritz writes that Mr. Laboy's case may be an occasion where we in the Alliance can rise above the fray.

Freedom vs. Liberty

In one of his typically long and well-written posts, Steven Den Beste starts from the very basics of the Founders' intentions to show why he supports gay marriage but opposes a Constitutional amendment granting it. The entire entry is worth reading, but I must take issue with a point he makes about tradeoffs of liberty. Read more »

Beck on Methodological Individualism

One of the reasons I favor the Austrian school is the rigor of the conceptual framework on which it is founded. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to convey these concepts to the lay person as anyone who has read the first 200 pages of Human Action and found themselves scratching their head and wondering, "Pardon me, but what is this stuff?" can attest to. Read more »

Fiat currency stinks...

...and Bangladeshis are finding out the hard way.

DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh's currency notes have become so dirty that even fishmongers reckon they stink too much to use.

The central bank wants to replace the notes and is threatening to deny branch licenses to banks that refuse to cooperate.

Superintendent fails English test

The state of public school education never ceases to surprise me. Joanne Jacobs points to this article about school superintendent Wilfredo T. Laboy who gets paid over $150,000 a year but cannot seem to manage to pass a basic English literacy test when given three chances. Quoting the whole thing for posterity's sake:

August 03, 2003

Mass. School Superintendent Fails Test