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Of Snow Leopards and African Elephants

a leopardRobert Clayton Dean finds himself in a dilemma. The dilemma is about endangered species and libertarian principles. Since libertarian principles are congruent with economic principles, I do not see the dilemma. If snow leopards have a market value, then someone will supply snow leopards. Read more »

NY Times on free trade

The NY Times has another nice editorial on the dire consequences of protectionist policies for farmers in the developing world. Read more »

Physician, devalue thyself

A physician named Jean A. Schoonover writes in today's Washington Post about the hardships faced by doctors trying to recover from debt incurred during training, calling it "Devaluation of the Doctor". After describing her and her husband's (who is also a physician) financial situation, she seeks an answer for the cause of her circumstances. Read more »

Healy on libertarian interventionism

Quote of the Day

"Why," said Cernan of the Beasts again - the god who had mocked Maugrim long ago and named him Sathain - "why was he allowed to live?"

Paul looked at him, then at the suddenly frail-seeming lios alfar. He clenched his fists. "To choose!" he cried with a certain desperation.

-from The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay

Government auctioned cars laden with pot

The US government has been auctioning off cars containing marijuana to unsuspecting customers. Francisco Rivera and Alfonso Calderon bought one such car and were arrested by Mexican authorities and spent time in a Mexican prison.

"They turned their back on us at the moment we needed them most," says Alfonso Calderon, speaking in Spanish. "They were the ones who got us into this mess. They sold us a car loaded with drugs."

Lazio on trade

Things I liked about Rick Lazio's piece in today's NY Times:

1) He defends free trade.

2) He shows the how ridiculous the amount of subsidies is in dollar terms.

3) He gives the best solution to the problem of 'failed states' - trade, not aid.

4) He uses the word liberal properly.

Loyalist captured in Iraq

Samizdata has a report from Iraq about the capture of a Saddam Loyalist. With the constant news of US soldier deaths trickling in day after day, it's nice to hear good news for a change.

The economics of war

Micha Ghertner discusses the economics of war in relation to the Coase Theorem and game theory. When I read that someone is not 'meta-rational' enough for economic models to work, then I have to conclude that maybe the correct methodology is not being used.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the center ring...

Height challenged individuals, strongmen, clowns, and all the other acts that make a great circus are here. Welcome to the California gubernatorial race. Gary Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gallagher, and Larry Flint have either formally filed or are actively getting the money, signatures, and paperwork put together. At least Californians (and the rest of the world) will be entertained while California burns. Hey, it's better than fading away, right?