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Henley on commerce and double standards

Jim Henley writes on economic freedom...

Guy walks into a bar. Or a store, or a movie theater, car dealership, hair salon, rental office, gym. Guy gives the guy behind the counter money and gets his chosen good or service in return.

Cheap sounding rockets?

Some news from This will definitely fill a niche, but at US$9000/kg it is a bit steep. This is about the same cost as putting a payload on a Russian Proton. The difference though is that the size of payload is much smaller on the sounding rocket. Even as a tertiary payload, a one kilo payload would not be taken seriously on a Proton. Read more »

Quote of the Day

"If someone says 'I want a frozen daquiri' and you know we don't have blenders, you go to the bartender and tell him to send a runner out to buy a blender. Or, you go to the bar next door and buy a frozen daquiri and you bring it over. If that's what it's gonna take to make someone happy, that's your absolute responsibility to do."

-Rocco Dispirito, to the staff of his new restaurant

Skool Daze

Today is an exciting and scary day for most children: the first day of school. Students experience apprehension mixed with embarrassment mixed with joyful expectation. Yet, in many schools, something very disturbing also takes place today: teachers collect all of the newly purchased school supplies from each child and put them into a box, to be later distributed according to need. This often marks a child's first exposure to collectivism. Read more »

South Florida homeschoolers

This article about South Florida homeschoolers points out some of the benefits of homeschooling. The parents view education as a continuous endeavor, not a temporary undertaking.

"We don't have a first day of school. It's continuous," said Elizabeth Fulop, of Sunrise, who home-schools four of her five children, all under 10.


The most exciting quarterback to ever play the game is out of commission for the next six weeks with a fractured fibula.


Oh well. At least the college football season starts in less than a week.

Thoughts on Electricity

Faithful reader Spoonie Luv, in response to my post about electricity in California, New York, and Iraq, asks how a free market in electricity can be made to work. (Actually he asks for an example, but I'll enlarge the query to provide a better discussion of the issues.) Read more »

Quote of the Day

"Today's mighty oak was once just a nut who stood his ground."

California, New York and Iraq

Q. What do California, New York, and Iraq have in common?

A. Problems delivering power and a lack of a free market in power generation and delivery.

Coincidence? I think not.