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Stalin vs. Hitler

See the Man of Steel go toe-to-toe with the Aryan ?bermensch!


Advantage: Stalin
Secret Power: The laws of historical inevitability

False Consciousness

Perhaps my favorite Marxist theory is false consciousness: the proletariat doesn't immediately embrace socialism because they have been brainwashed by capitalist ideology.

Like most conspiracy theories, false consciousness cannot be falsified because anyone who denies it must be part of the conspiracy themselves.

Which brings me to another conspiracy... of the Volokh kind. Read more »

The creed of necessity

Brian Micklethwait of Samizdata gives his thoughts on the necessity of compulsory purchase for transportation routes, spinning off a comment by Patrick Crozier in response to a post about Segway on Transport blog to which David Sucher of City Comforts Blog also Read more »

The soul of humanity just became a bit more pure

Reports at the time said huge numbers of bodies were dumped into the Nile River after it became impossible to dig graves fast enough.

Idi Amin died earlier this week. Among the list of mass murderers of the 20th century, he is not near the top of the list, although he was no shabby butcher, racking up a tally of nearly 500,000. Read more »

Why I have no faith in the American electorate

In a letter to the editor of the New York Times on Tuesday, a certain Nancy Spiller wrote, Read more »

Kling shows his hand

Jews, Jesus, and German cars

Here's a sneak preview at my upcoming Jewsweek article, where I tackle the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's yet-to-be-released movie The Passion, as well as the silent Jewish boycott against German cars, and tie both issues together to address the deplorable concept of inheritable guilt. Read more »

Aesthetic appeal and economic value

Glenn Reynolds' new TCS column entitled "Look and Feel" is about the increasing focus on design rather than functionality in today's society. Products are becoming shiny, personalized vehicles of self-expressions and individuality, valued more for their look and feel rather than their what they do. Read more »

Ibergus on economics and politicians

Isaac Waisberg wonders why there are so few weblogs studying the ramifications of human action.

I don't know but we're trying to do our part.

Just around the corner?

From the Boston Globe letters section:

Preemptive action on climate change