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A Good Program

But Matt says it works. It's a good program. Geez, if that is what a modern liberal thinks is a good program, I'd hate to see a bad one. Read more »

New Drug War Blog

Earlier this year I wrote that the media was failing at their main function - spreading information to limit government abuse - and that this as best exemplified by their implicit support of the drug war... Read more »

A Doctor In Pain

Jacob Sullum has the scoop on Virginia pain doctor William Hurwitz and his recent conviction for drug trafficking:

The prosecutors did not dispute that Hurwitz had helped hundreds of patients recover their lives by prescribing the high doses of narcotics they needed to control their chronic pain. Instead they pointed to the small minority of his patients—5 to 10 percent, by his attorneys' estimate—who were misusing the painkillers he prescribed, selling them on the black market, or both.

Quote of the Day

Since I have not spent 48 consecutive hours in my own hometown the past three weeks, blogging as been reduced to occasional quick hits. Today is not any different. From Johan Norberg:

The Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto has two dogs, named Marx and Engels because "they are German, hairy and have no respect for property".

Real blogging to return for good sometime in mid-January.

In Praise of Humbug

Steve Landsburg's recent Slate piece gives Ebenezer Scrooge his due:

If Christmas is the season of selflessness, then surely one of the great symbols of Christmas should be Ebenezer Scrooge—the old Scrooge, not the reformed one. It's taxes, not misers, that need reforming.

I Missed the Memo

But apparently there has been a consenesus reached, as reported by the NY Times, that we need universal health insurance from the government. It's just a matter of how to implement it. Eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-your-head-right-before-it-explodes quote: Read more »

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day Read more »

Truly Understanding Social Security Privatization Costs

Truly Understanding Social Security Privatization Costs. Or, Why I Want To Be Arnold Kling When I Grow Up. Read more »

Fighting My Own Little War

As an extreme anti-prohibitionist, there is probably no argument left that could persuade me to support the Drug War...

...until now.

Via Radley Balko, here's news that cheese (yes, cheese) may be "as addicitve as morphine." I am notorious among my close friends for my hatred of this cheese scourge. If we can only add cheese to the long list of banned substances, there may finally be a war I can get behind.

Rest In Peace

The guys at HNN are saying goodbye as only they can. First, Sheldon Richman "eulogizes" Rather and Brokaw:

Who are these people anyway? Have they demonstrated some unique perspicacity over the years? If so, I haven't seen it, and I've watched my share. What they seem able to do well is read a teleprompter without moving their eyes.

More On DTC Ads

Chris Rangel joins the choir of physicians asking the federal government to give them back the keys to their gate:

Even though I have been an advocate of free markets in the business of health care, I have not thought that direct to consumer advertising (DTC) is such a good idea. In my opinion, DTC of prescription medical products is inherently problematic. It is way too easy for these ads to be misleading and quite often they are.

The More Things Change...

Roderick Long on "the pre-9/11 mindset": Read more »

A Catallarchist\'s Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for those who further the cause of liberty.

Thanks to Milton Friedman, for doing more to advance the cause of liberty than any living human being.

Thanks to F.A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, for teaching us about having the courage of your convictions. From them we learned that a good argument is more valuable than popular support. Read more »


Che onsie

(Via David Beito)

One Of the Good Guys

Check out Trapper Michael's great new blog, isemmelweis. He's a former Cato intern who now attends Vanderbilt. He has some interesting commentary on Tennessee's failed TennCare and the recent FDA hearings.