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Econ Vs. Finance

MedPundit points to a Forbes article extolling the cost-savings of varicella (chicken pox) vaccines:

The chickenpox vaccine is dramatically reducing the need for medical care for the disease, and it's saving millions of health-care dollars, too.

Hold On To That Fee-ee-i-la-an

Balko notices that Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" is the 8th most-downloaded song on iTunes today.

Looks like Jonathan's been busy.

Drug Approvals Slow

In honor of my favorite head-case Manny Ramirez, here is the FDA just being the FDA:

Stung by a series of drug safety scandals, the Food and Drug Administration has in recent months issued a blizzard of drug-safety warnings and approval times for new drugs are slower.

...drugs approved in the first half of this year took almost twice as long to get that approval as drugs approved in the same period last year.


The Ethics of Medical Luddites

I'll join Micha in trying to break the Scott Scheule juggernaut.

Via Kevin MD, robot doctors and tele-medicine hold promise to revolutionize medicine: Read more »

Landsburg On Teenage Sex

I was going to post this before Patri's response to his critics about the benefits of teenage sex, but it is still germane to the discussion. In economist Steven Landsburg's Fair Play, his book which explores economics through parenting and morals through the lessons we teach our children, he has this to say about sex: Read more »

What Is Public Health?

Now I'm no doctor... oh, wait... yes I am. I find it absurd and offensive that a doctor needs the government to let him or her know whether the patient is getting adequate treatment. As Kip would say, this is, of course, utter nonsense. Read more »

The Wrong Direction

In a move that makes this drug-law and prescription-law reformer yearn for the good ol' days of sudafed behind the counter, Oregon may pass a bill to make formerly OTC cold meds available to consumers by prescription only. Good job, guys.

My New Hero

I have never met or read anyone in the medical profession (except for those already writing at this blog) who shares my views of medicine and the medical profession. Until now, from Medscape (reg. req.) of all places, here's Rushika Fernandopulle of Massachusettes General Hospital:

Over the past several years, I believe we American physicians have made many wrong decisions for which we are now paying the price.

No Solution

Via Liberty and Power, Howard Dean is trying to reach out to the libertarian branch of the Republican Party in western states.

Kos is pleased: Read more »

Labels, Update

I have added an update to my post below on warning labels, with a correction to an error in my criticism of Dr. Whelan.

In Defense of Warning Labels

As has been reported elsewhere, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has asked the FDA to put warning labels on those lethal killers that are the scourge of breakrooms everywhere - soda. Enough has been written already as to why this is a bad thing, but let me, if I may, explain why this libertarian doesn't care. Read more »

Not Cowards

After 9/11, libertarian-in-name-only Bill Maher dug the grave for his ABC show Politically Incorrect by suggesting that the WTC terrorists were not cowards for their actions. I was glad at the time that I did not have my own TV show, for I would have lost it by saying the exact same thing.

Today, Eugene Volokh makes the point: Read more »

Hittin\' Us Where It Hurts

The IOC, headed by Jacques Rogge, has removed baseball and softball from the summer games effective 2012. Revenge for "freedom fries", no doubt.

My boy says it best: Read more »

\"That Is A Giant Cock\"

In his recent worthless article, Paul Krugman mentions that the Department of Agriculture publishes a magazine entitled Amber Waves. I may just be really immature, but that made me giggle with delight. Read more »