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Time To Slip Into My Armchair

Kevin, M.D. asks to have health policy bloggers comment on this article written by Massachusettes governor Matt Romney, detailing his ideas for health care reform in the state. I'm no expert, but: I'm a blogger, I like health policy, and I'm in my pajamas; so let's go!

Before I run through his proposal, let me list the top five things necessary to refrom health care policy: Read more »

Must Read

I'm sure most people here have seen this by now, but in case not, check out this post on the state of the drug war and its impact on Afghanistan. An excerpt: Read more »

There\'s More Than Plenty Of The Detroit Brawl Commentary...

...but, hey, what's one more.

I think it is difficult to specifically justify the actions of Artest, et al. for going into the stands initially. It is true that the transgression was nowhere near life-threatening, and the whole scene may have never happened had that line not been crossed (of course, every single incident can be tagged by "If X hadn't done Y, then it would not have ecsalated"). Read more »

Fun With Microbes

That's fun, but I'll do The Agitator one better: here's a link to stuffed Giant Microbes. My favorites include Black Death... Read more »

Many Lives Are At Stake

Via Medpundit, it seems there's a new drug to worry about: Read more »

Blog Rounds

I blogged in September... Read more »

The DTC Debate

Kevin, M.D. links to a story regarding Pfizer's study that shows internet ads are equally effective as TV and radio ads in conveying "a distinctive and memorable message and influence viewers." Kevin shows his disgust: Read more »

72-Hour Hell

Graham of Over My Med Body links to this account of a Stanford student suffering from depression who was held for 3 days against his will in a Stanford hospital psyciatric ward: Read more »

Voting With Your Mind

It is often said, generally by libertarians, that to determine true preferences one must observe behaviors, not just rely on words. We, of course, refer to this as "voting with your feet." A bunch of left-liberals may say they're going to Canada or Europe, where life is better, but in fact, more people make the trip in the other direction. Read more »

Trent McBride\'s Bio

I am currently embarking on a career in pathology as a resident at the Universty of Kentucky. I took a year off between my second and third years of medical school to do a student fellowship in pathology, where I slowly learned that pathology is for me. Most people's perception of the discipline is colored by wathching CSI and Qunicy, but it is really actually much more than that. Those shows center on only forensic pathology, or more specifically, forensic autopsy. I am interested in neither. Read more »