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What It\'s Like to Have ADD

I originally posted this on my myspace blog, but I figured it might be interesting to more people than just my friends. I think a lot of people know someone who has ADD or may have it themselves without even realizing it. Read more »

Comments Fixed

It appears that someone checked "Harvest information from comments for blacklist" while cleaning up comment spam with the WP blacklist plugin. Unfortunately, this seems to frequently cause blank regular expressions to end up in the blacklist, which will match *all* comments. *sigh*

I fixed by clearing out the whole blacklist and reimporting it. I've also added the RBL which seems to catch a lot of comment spam, because it lists compromised machines being remote controlled by the spammers.

Aggregator Fixed (Finally!)

The aggregator should be updating every hour again. Apologies for the ridiculously long delay in getting it working. If you are really bored or geeky and you want the technical lowdown on why it was so much of a pain to fix that my ADD brain couldn't focus long enough to get it going until now, read on. Read more »

The Kleercut Campaign: Wiping Away the Facts

Ran across this article on NewsForge.

bq. Every time we see traffic coming from a discussion forum pointing out that the Kleercut campaign site is using the popular Drupal open-source content-management system, it becomes more convincing that there is a philosophical or political alignment between the progressive community and the free-software movement. Read more »

Save The Environment: Stop Recycling!

Due to the UK's stringent recycling laws and high dump fees, apparently much of its waste is being sent to China for recycling. For some strange reason, this surprises some people. Recycling is labor-intensive work, and environmental regulations only make it more expensive, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that it can be cheaper to ship something to China, where labor is cheap and environmental regulations are mostly nonexistent, than it is to try to recycle it locally. Read more »

Time to Scrap Juries?

Radley Balko doesn't have any answers to the $259 million verdict against Merck in the Vioxx case. Read more »

Support Your Local Meth Lab

On putting cold medicine behind the counter to stop meth production:

bq. State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Control director Lonnie Wright says the Mexican drug cartels traditionally focused on trafficking cocaine, heroin and marijuana. But Wright says the cartels have added meth to their offerings, now that its production is largely shut down in Oklahoma.

Talk about exporting jobs! Way to go, guys.

Talking to SuezanneC in Second Life

I'm talking to SuezanneC right now in Second life and she doesn't believe I am who I say I am. This is relevant to the blog, really :)

Well, it is because she happens to be the founder of the Second Life Libertarians.

When Is the Right Time to Disclose a Flaw?

Michael Lynn quit his job in order to give a presentation to the Black Hat conference about a serious flaw in Cisco's IOS, the operating system in use on the majority of Internet infrastructure devices out there. The flaw allows attackers to run arbitrary code on the devices, which means we could be seeing router worms in the very near future. Read more »

So Much for \"Green\" Natives

Evidence is mounting that early Australians were responsible for killing off most of the country's megafauna species as well as its forests and grasslands. There is also significant evidence that the first humans to arrive in the Americas were responsible for the extinction of mammoths, mastodons, and horses. Read more »

Thinking Outside the Fringe

Expanding on some comments I made on Maria's post earlier, I think there's a tendency among libertarian types to focus on the difference between their own beliefs and those of other groups. This tendency lies in everyone, of course, but one can greater afford to refuse to find common ground when one is in the mainstream. Read more »

Are We Keeping Our Kids Too Clean?

If eating local honey is a good way to get your immune system to stop responding to pollen, wouldn't "snot": from your nose, which contains the very same pollen, also be good? How about the dirt under your fingernails from biting your nails? Obviously in the case of dirt you can pick up certain diseases, but at the same time, failing to be exposed to small amounts of various antigens can be bad for your immune system later on. Read more »

Catallarchy Server Upgrade

Dave has generously increased his monthly contribution to "NetSonic": to get us another gibibyte of RAM, bringing us to 1.5 gibibytes. This should eliminate issues with swapping during 'lanches. Every page load still hits MySQL at least once per post, and we're still using WordPress 1.2, which is written in PHP, so don't expect any miracles yet :)

Atheist Arrogance?

While reading "Micha's post": it occurred to me that atheists appear to tend toward more arrogance than I see in most religious people. An excellent example is my wife's ex boyfriend, who she calls an "evangelical atheist" because he took pleasure in attacking other people's religious beliefs. Read more »