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More Bad Science from the MSM

OK at this point I have to say the media are pretty much liars. Lying through "over-representation of factual presentation" is really no different than stating things that are categorically untrue. Take this example: Read more »

Weird Inflation Phenomena?

Two observations:

1. Fast food chains have been increasing the size (and price) of the high-margin portion of meals (fries and soda) while keeping the low-margin portion the same
2. The price differential between 87 and 89 octane gas has gone way up at many gas stations in my area (Silicon Valley), but the differential between 89 and 91 are the same as they used to be. Read more »

Is it Possible to be a Libertarian Global Warming Alarmist?

The responsibilities of government, according to a LGWA (Libertarian Global Warming Alarmist):

1. National Defense
2. Enforcement of laws against initiation of force
3. Enforcement of contracts
4. Prevent people from emitting too much carbon dioxide Read more »

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Hat Tip.

(I think Balko's right that this will go down in history)

I Heart PriceGrabber

I used to search for stuff on multiple sites when I shopped, but then one of my cow-orkers told me about PriceGrabber's "bottom line price" feature, which allows you to put in your zipcode, stores it as a cookie, then lists all prices from all vendors with shipping and sales tax. That put an end to my having to try to track which stores would try to rob me for sales tax and which wouldn't. They carry just about everything, though they don't seem to have guns and ammo (everyone write to them and request it!) Read more »

NRA Are Spammers

In case you're thinking about giving money to the NRA, make sure you give them either a bogus email address or one you don't care about, because they will not only never unsubscribe you from their mailing lists, but they will sell or give your email address to any organization they share political views with. Read more »

Biofuels Have No Future

... other than as a thinly disguised agricultural subsidy program. Certainly they have no future in powering a significant fraction of cars or homes.

I know this statement will probably offend a lot of people who practice biofuels as a religion, but that's exactly what it is, religion. How can someone possibly think that converting additional land to agriculture, particularly when that agriculture is being used to produce something other than food, is good for the environment? Read more »

Physicists Discover the Obvious

It seems like it would take a physicist to think that something like this was surprising. They've discovered that when a nonlinear dynamical system - in this case a network of interconnected pendulums - is driven by a random input, its response is orderly, but that when it's driven by an ordered input, its response is chaotic. Can anyone say duuuh? Read more »

Can We Shut the F*ck Up About Bird Flu Now?

Ok, so it turns out that the reason bird flu does not get passed from human to human is the same reason it's so lethal. Which means a mutation that makes it passable from human to human will also turn it into your run-of-the-mill non-lethal flu virus. Read more »

Score One for Teen Fantasies

I, for one, am glad they've dropped charges against Debra Lafave. I mean, imagine the chilling effect this trial might have had on hot high school teachers having sex with their students!

Debra Lafave

Calling for a Moratorium on Statistics in the Mass Media

The article in Fox News is entitled Study: Alcohol-Promoting Teens More Likely to Drink. The article shows an understanding of what the study shows as well. "The study can't say if the merchandise has any affect on drinking or if likely drinkers simply wear the stuff. But for parents there is a clear message." Read more »

Starting a New Conspiracy Theory

The credit card companies conspired to create this whole PIN number debacle to get you to avoid using your PIN. The reason? They get the 2-4% fee when you use your debit card as a credit card. They get nothing if you use it as an ATM card! This is also the reason that the various POS systems attempt to get you to use your PIN when you don't actually need to use it with a debit card. Then you get stuck with the POS fee from your bank and they don't have to pay the credit card company. Read more »

Doc Searls is a Thief

Doc Searls proposes stealing my money so he can have the net he wants:

Here's a question: should the decision to build the Net to maximum capacity--the broadest we can make broadband--be based on whether or not today's carriers can think of a way to pay back the cost of building it?

While we're answering that, let's ask if the Net should be private at all. Are the rivers and seas private? How about the Interstate Highway System?

Capitalism, Corporatism, Mercantilism

Eric over at The Liberty Papers hits upon a point that I think is very important:

More importantly, he betrays an idea that is part of the Left’s meme war. This particular idea has been so effective that many on the Left don’t even recognize just how false it is, perhaps even Eugene doesn’t. The idea that has been promoted since the the mid-19th century is:

Corporatism = Capitalism

Fighting the AOL/Yahoo email \"tax\"

Cory Doctorow, technocrat extraordinaire over at Boing Boing, wants me to "Fight AOL/Yahoo's email tax!" Well, I am fighting it, Cory! I'm fighting it by handling my own email and not letting some huge corporation handle my email for me. Read more »