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Rectum != <s>Mortar</s>Launch Tube

Therefore, you should not launch rockets from it.

In Case You Thought We Weren\'t Still All Puritans

TradeSports Swamped?

Has anyone else noticed that TradeSports seems to be having issues? Do you suppose they just underestimated their popularity during the election? Here's to hoping that it's because a huge number of Americans are illegally betting on whether the pond scum that voted to outlaw same will get fired today! :behead: Read more »

Gross Negligence

Families of 10 of the victims in the ExcelAire versus Gol 737 crash in Brazil are suing ExcelAire, US operator of the bizjet, and Honeywell, manufacturer of the bizjet's transponder, for gross negligence, alleging that a) the ExcelAire pilots were flying at the wrong altitude, and b) the transponder was not working. Read more »

Don\'t Give Up On Lunar Water Yet

While it has no direct relation to libertarianism other than being about (hopefully) upcoming frontier, I think it's worth mentioning that the "door on the debate" about water ice at the lunar poles has most certainly *not* been "closed", breathless press releases notwithstanding. Read more »

An Interesting Theory on Steroids

David D. Friedman has an interesting theory about What's Wrong with Steroids:


Slowness/Downtime Mystery Solved!

It turns out the guy who runs decided it was taking up too much of his CPU, so he shut it down. We still had it listed in Spam Karma 2 on one of the blogs hosted here, and since it was gone completely and not even refusing connections, the connections were taking their normal 75 seconds or so to time out, tying up Apache processes. We allow a maximum of 60 processes, so fewer and fewer were available to service requests until there were none. Read more »

Maybe Biofuels Have a Future After All

Popular Mechanics ran the numbers on what it would take to convert to hydrogen for powering the light-duty vehicles on the road. Their results list coal and biomass gasification as the two cheapest ways to produce the hydrogen, both in startup costs and in cost per GGE. The table is on page 3. According to their math, it could be done with biomass gasification using just 11% of US farmland. Read more »

Mom Kills Person Trying to Take Her Baby Away

Somehow I'm not moved to feel sorry for this dead social worker. Unfortunately, it probably means either Kentucky social workers are going to start using guns for the purpose of taking people's kids away, or that they're simply not going to allow said parents to visit their own children once the kids have been taken. Read more »

CFC Ban May Not Have Been So Successful After All

People who advocate government action against global warming frequently cite the supposed success of the CFC ban in stopping ozone depletion. Well, it turns out it may not have been so successful after all. The CFC ban may not have killed as many people as the DDT banFDA ban on advertising aspirin's usefulness in reducing the risk of heart attack, but if this pans out it may be just one more misguided, extremely expensive attempt by government to change the natural course of things. Read more »

Comments fixed

JW accidentally tickled a bug in the WP Blacklist plugin by choosing "delete and add" for a spam comment that had no URL, so a blank URL pattern made it into the blacklist, matching all comments and automatically deleting any new ones.

Sorry about that.

Flying Cars!

Actually, Terrafugia more appropriately calls it a "roadable aircraft." More importantly, it's not just roadable, but garagable and parallel parkable. Terrafugia has now released a simulator for their "Transition" vehicle and is taking deposits. They expect to be selling them in late 2009 for around $150k. Read more »

Buy Us Drinks!

The Catallarchy crew (well, at least me, Matt, Brandon, Nick, Scott, Trent, Patri, Dave, Brian, and JW) will be at the Bliss bar at 4026 24th St in San Francisco at 8PM tonight, and you're all invited! Read more »

What Terrorists Want

Bruce Schneier, lucid as ever, hits the nail on the head about what it is the terrorists want: Read more »