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Close Reid-Hillview! Or: I Hate Poor People!

My letter to the editor of, a site devoted to the closing of the airport where I'll most likely be parking my new plane:

I think closing RHV is a great idea, even though I'm a pilot. Here's why:

* I hate driving 10 miles to find a decent supermarket; pushing the poor out of East San Jose will mean they'll build a Lunardi's right down the street!

Official Notice

I've accepted a position at Linden Lab, so this is my official public notice to my co-bloggers that they need to stop making fun of Second Life or I will be forced to kill them.

Actually, the Lindens have a sense of humor, so parody away.

San Jose Destroyed by Typo

The headline: Work on fence blamed for sparking explosion that destroyed S.J.

This could, of course, also be a case of crappy news posting software.


Time to Kill All the Consumers?

First, they were too stupid to rationally choose a toilet. Then it was shower heads. Now, apparently they've become too stupid to even pick out a light bulb!

Where are all these moronic consumers and why hasn't anyone euthanized them yet?

Pre-existing condition insurance?

This morning's second hour of Forum was about California's Governor Schwarzenegger's health care proposal. They had representatives from both sides of the issue: those supporting the Governor's proposal but thinking it should go a little bit farther, and those supporting single payer health care. (This show is the single largest reason I'm not a member of KQED.) Actually, it's possible they had other points of view but I arrived at work before they were on. Read more »

More Wikipedia Stuff

Given the number of comments on my previous post about Wikipedia, I thought I'd write another post clarifying my point a bit and summing up the discussion in the comments, since many people don't seem to bother reading the existing comments before posting their own. Read more »

Carbon Trading May Provide Unintended Boon to Air Taxis

In screwing the large commercial carriers, the EU's carbon trading program may unintentionally end up giving air taxis an advantage. Aircraft under 7,500 kg are exempt. The Eclipse 500, a plane I think is perfect for an air taxi service, is well under this at 2,685 kg maximum takeoff weight. Read more »

The Stupidity of Crowds

Patri talks a lot on his LJ blog about when crowds are wise and when they're not. Read more »

Civil Rights Are Undemocratic

The headline showing on Google News reads: "NJ's Move Toward Same-Sex Unions Called Undemocratic." My first thought upon reading that was, "Duh!" Read more »

Libertarians For The Nanny State

Yes, I'm ripping off a title Matthew Bryan from Strike The Root applied to me for my earlier misguided non-opposition to smoking bans. And now TJIC, another self-styled anarcho-capitalist like myself, seems to be following in my foot-in-mouth-steps with regard to neoprohibition:

I’m 100% in favor of requiring anyone who has been DUI even once to blow into a breathalyzer to unlock their car.

The Ultimate Smuggling Cargo?

One thought experiment I like to engage in to pass the time is to think about what would enable people to remove their wealth from the grasp of greedy despots. In the current markets it seems like the best candidates are diamonds and various kinds of drugs, with heroin being #1. Read more »

A Constructive Solution to Drunk Driving

As penance for my somewhat snarky post about the danger to liberty of allowing parents to vote, allow me to offer a constructive solution to the problem: Let's make people face the consequences of their actions. Read more »

Time to Disenfranchise Mothers?

Or maybe all parents. First they pass Prop 83 and now MADD is pushing .05, at least in Canada. It seems like parents are willing to spend billions of other people's money and ruin harmless people's lives for a 0.001% reduction in their children's risk of death. It's like when you accidentally get between a cow and a calf. And unfortunately life consists of a path with cows on one side and calves on the other. Read more »

Cause For Optimism About Civil Litigation

Apparently Merck is faring pretty well in Vioxx cases. Merck has "chosen to throw evidence at its current situation, not money for settlements," and it's paying off: they've only lost 4 of 20 cases so far. Many of them are being dismissed with prejudice. This will hopefully embolden innocent defendants and make greedy attorneys think twice about bringing frivolous lawsuits. Read more »