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Somalia: Pirates Hijack Saudi Ship Off Kenya

"Increasingly daring attacks are being conducted by Somali pirates on a variety of merchant vessels," said a statement from the U.S. Fifth Fleet, issued from Manama, Bahrain.

The statement said that pirates attacked the very large crude tanker, Sirius Star, more than 450 nautical miles southeast of Mombasa. The ship was sailing under a Liberian flag and was owned by the Saudi-based company, Saudi Aramco. The crew comprised citizens of Croatia, Britain, The Philippines, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Story at changes without notice, not surprisingly.

I have seen a lot of screenshots of on blogs today. So I tried the google cache, which apparently updated its snapshot of on November 17th, so hitting the cache button in a google search did nothing for me.

See for yourself.

Check the agenda link on right now. I bet you may have noticed you cant get to the Agenda pages, which have generated so much internet based controversy on just about every topic covered by the President-elect's team. Apparently the statists tried to chuck this one in the memory hole, wanting to prevent further analysis and discussion.

Good thing there is a mirror, so we can keep this train rolling.

Russia: Civil disobedience mocks statist ability to 'control'.

On the night of November 7th, the Russian anarchist revolutionary art group known as War made a mockery of state power by committing a little breaking and entering at the Russian White House.

Yasha Levin of the Exile goes on to say in his article regarding the incident:

But most importantly, young revolutionaries everywhere should live by that old adage: “If you can’t blow up something good, you shouldn’t don’t do any revolutionizing at all.”

I don't think violence or bombing is going to help any revolutionary anarchist cause at this moment in history. It would only feed the fires of nationalistic fervor and xenophobic paranoia, while also giving the state issue to take what little rights they let you have in the first place.

Non-violence sends a bigger message in my opinion, an all important message that just may help bring about the catalyst:

When the police cant defend Government House, what can they defend?

Author Michael Crichton dies at age 66.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

In a 2004 interview with The Associated Press, Crichton came with a tape recorder, text books and a pile of graphs and charts as he defended "State of Fear" and his take on global warming.

"I have a lot of trouble with things that don't seem true to me," Crichton said at the time, his large, manicured hands gesturing to his graphs. "I'm very uncomfortable just accepting. There's something in me that wants to pound the table and say, 'That's not true.'"

Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, or; How I learned to stop worrying and love anti-establishment revisionist historians that delight in regicide.

Apologies to Kubrick.

I would prefer if regicide never fell out of favor. That may seem inconsistent, but just because I follow the NAP and adhere to Agorism doesn't mean that I make moral judgment on others who do not. With that disclaimer out of the way, lets begin.

As John Hull would observe on the occasion of the Charles I execution: "a very solemn and strange act; and God alone can work good by so great a change."

To wit, I agree with the first part of that statement. As for God, I find that working good out of any situation is the domain of those who wish to place the event in framework suitable for moral application in their mind. Regardless of intent, the act is done.

Others such as John Cotton have defended regicide on moral grounds, that is not my intention. I am here to declare regicide as my preferred spectator sport.

May it forever be. Justice and morals be damned.

With that in mind, I salute Guy Fawkes on this most auspicious day for his attempted regicide. Tonight I shall drink merrily and viddy my copy of V for Vendetta, a revisionist masterpiece.

Have a good night, its the LAW.

Martin gets ripped, by the RIPTIDE!

Martin Sargent, of TechTV and Infected infamy was canned late October from his post at Revision3. Jim Louderback, CEO or Revision3, stated in a blog post that:

We’ve had a number of great successes here at Revision3, including Diggnation, Tekzilla and The Totally Rad Show. But not everything pans out. Just as in the past, when we ended shows that just weren’t building audiences or driving revenue, we had to make changes. As you may have heard, today we had to make some tough staffing decisions as we ended the run of a few of our shows.
For our long-running Photoshop show Pixel Perfect, it’s the end of a show that’s done over a hundred episodes, and delivered essentially a graduate level course in graphic design and technique. For PopSiren and Internet Superstar, it’s the end of 2 shows that had great promise, but never really found their audience.

Internet Superstar was the Sarge's latest show, after the end of Infected and Web Drifter.

His drunken humor and fake Olive Garden commercials will be greatly missed. I leave you with one of his most entertaining and informative episodes of Infected, number 27, the pornography special.

Somali Report: Freedom fighters, Islamist bombin' and pirate booty.

The Somali Report: A biased, polemic report where we (pluralis majestatis) black marketeers salute the free Somali people and their struggle against international imperialism.

African Union thugs late last month reported heavy fighting for the strategic K 4 traffic circle in midtown Mogadishu. "This was the third day in a row that we were attacked at K4." Ugandan army Maj Bahoku Barigye said in an interview. They reported no casualties and also left out any numbers regarding deaths on either side. The BBC would sure have printed it, so they must not have bagged any of those nationalist or Islamist belligerents they are shooting at.

After making sure to create a correlation between the civil war and Islam, furthering the fear of the brown menace in the west's populace, the BBC continues:

Meanwhile, the peacekeepers are stuck in the middle of the belligerents with a questionable mandate and insufficient troops.

They then blather on about the disease and famine that has acutely affected that region for decades. Parroting the call of the internationalists: "Restore order and deliver food". Didn't they already try that, a bunch of times? Didn't these backwards little people force the withdrawal of the strongest military in the world by simply presenting a diffuse threat?

Echoes of Afghanistan. Gary Brecher, the War Nerd opens his Exile piece with:

Can I time these articles or what? The day after I put up my article on Ethiopia’s troubles in Somalia, 5 car bombs go off in two Somali cities targeting the Ethiopian consulate in Hargeisa, the Presidential Palace (such as it is), a UN HQ, and the Puntland Intelligence Service.

According to the BBC, the state captures a cleric and holds him, without evidence. You dont have to ask me to know that the state controlled media of the west constantly reports on islamists held for questions. Naturally, most of these would be terrorists are never charged. The threats and lies of the media having already done their job. Fear Islam folks, its the LAW.

The humorous headline reads:

Cleric held over Somali car bombs

A paragraph or two down and bam, truth:

No-one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the US has said it believes they were carried out by militants linked to al-Qaeda.

The Empire of Lies only opens its mouth to lie or devour our children.

Avast mateys! we set a c'rse round the harn!

Gary continues:

God, that’s got to be one of the scariest sights in the world, a speedboat full of Somali skeletons armed to the teeth coming aboard. These crews are mostly from hardworking South Asian places, Tamil or Bengali, and they didn’t sign on to play straight man to the Pirates of Puntland.

Once in a while you get a little more poetic justice, like when they boarded a French yacht and took the crew hostage a while back. Unfortunately, the champagne-poppers were rescued.

To the pirates and other belligerents of Somalia, I salute you!

Global terrorist network attacks civlians in Syria.

Bringing the world under the oppressive grip of petro-imperialists is dirty business. Directed killings and mass murder go hand in hand when the Empire of Lies spreads its tentacles deeper into Babylon.

Juan Gonzalez of DN! :

JUAN GONZALEZ: Thousands of Syrians have taken to the streets of Damascus to protest Sunday’s US military raid that killed eight people in the Syrian village of Abu Kamal, five miles from Syria’s border with Iraq. The US embassy in Damascus is shut down for the day and surrounded by heavily armed police.

On Tuesday, Syria lodged a complaint with the UN and ordered the closure of an American school and cultural center. The Assad government is demanding a formal apology from the US and has threatened to cut off cooperation on Iraqi border security. On Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem called the attack an act of “terrorist aggression.”

WALID AL-MOUALEM: Killing civilians in international law means terrorist aggression. The Americans do it under daylight. This means it is not mistake. It is by determination, by blunt determination. For that, we consider this criminal and terrorist aggression. We put the responsibility on the American government, and they need to investigate and return back to us with the result and explanation why they did it.

The White House comment is, in essence: Be a "Good German" and stop asking questions.

DANA PERINO: Jim, what I can tell you is that I am not able to comment on reports about this reported incident, and I’m not going to—I’m not going to do so. You can come up here and try to beat it out of me, but I will not be commenting on this in any way, shape or form today. Or tomorrow—

REPORTER: What about another agency? Nobody? If it comes, it’s going to come from here, and so it’s not going to—nothing is going to come out of it?

DANA PERINO: I don’t believe anybody is commenting on this at all. April?

REPORTER: Dana, why can’t you comment? Is it a reason for national security, or is it political? I mean, why not—

DANA PERINO: To give you an answer to that would be commenting in some way on it, and I’m not going to do it. So, I—

REPORTER: But, I mean, Dana, you can’t give us anything? I mean, this is a major issue.


REPORTER: This is a major issue.

DANA PERINO: I understand the reports are serious, but it’s not something I’m going to comment on in any way.

The jingoist, bloodthirsty MSM has been avoiding this for the most part. Those not avoiding it are defending the action as being necessary to fight the War on Terror. War is peace, ignorance is strength.

I can't help but see Doctor Strangelove, attempting to prevent his arm from shooting up into a straight armed, 45 degree salute. JA WOLLE mein fuhrer!

Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship

Human Rights Watch has condemned internet censorship, and argued to the US Senate "there is a real danger of a Virtual Curtain dividing the internet, much as the Iron Curtain did during the Cold War, because some governments fear the potential of the internet, (and) want to control it"

Read the Herald Sun story here.

When ideas are weapons too, they must be regulated and eventually confiscated. That is the position of the state it appears. Funny thing is even the great firewall of China cannot stop dedicated individuals from finding ways past the wall.

With open source projects such as TOR and various altruistic groups providing proxies for surfers, bloggers and reporters, I cannot help but laugh when I hear about this. Building a wall simply provides a mountain for the Edmund Hillary types among us, we need not bring down the wall, only climb it.

There is no spoon.

Panem et circenses: Stimuli, Commodities and the Austrian endgame

Yesterday I had thought nothing of the news that Bernanke was on capitol hill pushing for yet another stimulus package from congress. After all, isn't that the same bill of goods he has been trying to sell the US tax payers all along? Why would this be news worthy? I asked myself this question and came to an interesting conclusion 24 hours later. The news IS the product being sold, not the information that the news was reporting on.

This morning, an excited co-worker informed me that the stimulus package I mentioned yesterday was on the morning edition of the MSM talking head parade. It seems this is one of those things that gets a lot of attention. After all, when your banking overlord speaks, you listen.


When you take into consideration the bottoming out of commodities recently it is easy to see why the price of consumer goods such as bread, cereal, milk and gasoline are dropping. According to a Globe and Mail interview by John Heinzl (no subscription? no problem!), Donald Coxe the chairman and chief strategist of Harris Investment Management in Chicago, tells it like this:

the Fed’s ultimate goal was to trigger a rally in financial stocks, which would, in theory, help banks hammered by the credit crisis raise fresh capital and repair their balance sheets. To accomplish this, the decision to support Fannie and Freddie was deliberately announced on a Sunday, which had the effect of maximizing the reaction from thinly traded financial stocks on overseas markets.

Because many hedge funds were using massive leverage to short financials and go long on commodities, when North American markets opened and banks initially rallied, the funds were forced to cover their short positions.

At the same time, the U.S. dollar was rallying because the risk of holding Fannie and Freddie paper had diminished. The rising dollar, in turn, made commodities less attractive, giving funds that were already scrambling to cover their financial shorts another reason to dump oil, grains and other commodities.

The losses were swift and dramatic. On the Friday before the July 11 announcement, crude oil closed at $145.18 a barrel. Over the following five days, it plunged 11 per cent. “Leverage was being unwound dramatically,” Mr. Coxe said on a conference call last week. “We had a true panic.”

As oil and other commodities were tumbling, fears about the slowing global economy were mounting, giving resources another push downhill. This was also in keeping with the Fed’s wishes, because lower commodity prices would help quell fears about inflation.

Every message on teevee that tells me to "get out and vote" or "rock the vote" just sounds like sheep bleating. In my head I hear what the state preferati are actually saying in their attack ads:

Bread at rock bottom prices, made even easier to purchase with a second stimulus check in your mailbox. Make sure to "vote for state economic tyranny" this year, your partisanship and lack of insight are necessary to continue this charade of democracy.

I am the appointed representative of the state, and I approve this message


End Game:

There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom expansion brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved. - Von Mises

According to the article The Austrian End Game at Taipan Publishing; What Von Mises pointed out is that, if the government throws a drunken free-for-all, at some point the free-for-all must stop. You can’t run the printing presses forever, just as no one can drink an infinite number of vodka tonics. Morning has to come.


The US empire is in decline. It may have lasted as long as the Roman empire if not for the telescoping nature of evolution. The highlights of historical imperial expansion have been contracting in frequency, we are seeing a de-emphasis of counter-intuitive systems.

Empires fall, and as time marches on, they fall faster and faster. Hopefully reaching a crescendo which will result in the banishment of the state from the minds of men.

'That government is best which governs not at all;’ and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.

Pure Poison

Obviously, something had to be done to prevent people from using alcohol in the way that nature (or at least Neolithic Man) originally intended.

But what?

An even better question is this: how many years, or decades, or centuries would it take you or me or any other decent individual to come up with the solution that popped into their twisted minds almost immediately? Their solution? They'd poison the alcohol folks bought to cool their sick kids' bodies, so that if they drank it, they'd go blind.

They called it "denatured alcohol", and that's what should be on the Great Seal of the United States today, as a symbol and warning of what government is really all about: threatening people with injury or death if they fail to comply with the slightest whim of the mentally putrefying scumbags who run it. Today, the stuff is still poisoned, seven decades after Prohibition finally ended, to force you and me to pay religiously based discriminatory "sin" taxes on alcohol made for drinking.

Remember that you heard it here first: taxation is the root of all evil.

Powerful words from a great killer ape. I have read most of his books and essays, great stuff!

Statist talking heads change allegiance like underwear

The blue-pill folks are fighting again, this time over Christopher Buckley backing Obama. Turns out he recently left The National Review because the amount of nasty-grams in his inbox regarding this recent flap.

Christopher Buckley calls himself a libertarian, I think he got confused, he meant to say libertine. Much like his father, he cannot tell the two apart. Apparently he has no soul and only wished to be on the "good list" when ordering up some Obama administration White House press credentials. Hedging his bets for what he finds to be a distasteful inevitable; an Obama presidency.

In a Daily Beast article, Buckley pushes the conservative case for Obama. As with other recent converts to the Obama camp, this just goes to show that the modern left vs. right paradigm is a completely false dichotomy. As Morpheus would say, "Freedom is the illusion of choice."

Richard K. Moore lays out his case for this Matrix metaphor in a Summer 2000 article for Whole Earth Review, Escaping the Matrix. Other than a couple of Zaxlebax problems (his definition of capitalism, etc), I find it a good read.

And finally, the Daily Inquisition team at The Exile bashes Buckley somethin' fierce.

From the Exile

Buckley sums it up jauntily... “We are all in this together.” So Buckley is joining us, the little people, down here in the wreckage. There goes the neighborhood!

I may not personally fall victim to party politics because I don't vote, but I do love it when they tear each other to tender little ribbons with such rabid vigor. A chiffonade of state propaganda elitists fighting over the table scraps of power and influence, how fun!