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One Man's Verdict on Bush's Illegal Worker Plan

President Bush, finally, has done something I like. His proposed plan to allow temporary non-citizen workers in the United States has drawn fire from almost all major media outlets (except the much more rational Economist) as a political ploy, which it very well might be. Nevertheless, this Catallarchist applauds the proposal. Read more »

You already know the answer

The media made a big deal about the Bush daughters and their drinking escapades. Apparently it was newsworthy, as their father is the president. Why then, was it not so newsworthy when Al Gore's son was busted with pot at his high school during Gore's VP time? Why now is the same son's new marijuana bust not big news?

"Person" of the Year

They couldn't give it to Jessica Lynch, her story having been fabricated, but they did give it to The American Soldier.

It's not his Hijab

While debates rage in the USA about whether Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum is most fit to run this country, France is having its own problems concerning religious symbols in schools, specifically Muslim head scarves and Jewish skullcaps. Read more »

Another take on campaign finance

Many of you have already read the take on the Supreme Court's newest decision by our esteemed Jonathan Wilde. I'd like to add my own two cents.

First, the very first paragraph of the NY Times article:

Four more years of Bush?

The 2004 election is over. George Bush will continue his reign.

This is becoming clearer every day. Howard Dean, the one-time "peace candidate", is picking up steam (read: media attention*) as the leader of the Democratic Party circus. Even today Gore announced his support for Dean. Read more »

Exactly 62 years ago

Today is the 62nd anniversary of a day which will live in infamy. What have we learned since then? Not much good, says attack survivor Frank Karas:

JM Buchanan vs. Our Glorious Democracy

While most of the radical libertarians I communicate with have a very strong Austrian leaning (as I do), if not an outright Austrian commitment, I am not one to dismiss pro-market ideas in any form. Read more »

Social Policy in One Lesson

An article from the BBC reports that Italy will start offering money (a one-time payment of ?1000, and one mayor is even offering ?10,000) for familes to have children. Already being decried -- for all the wrong reasons -- by Europundits, the policy makers and critics both forget that this policy is not radically different from existing European or American practices. Read more »

A "Creative Federalist" Blast from the Past

Read old magazines if you can get your hands on them. I found this gem a little over a year ago at a friend's place, and it was so good I typed it up and emailed it to myself for safekeeping.

You will notice a host of ridiculous statements, some of which were obviously ridiculous then and some of which have been refuted by the iron fist of history. (My personal favorite is ?It is possible to think of vast increases in federal government power that do not encroach upon or diminish any other power.?) Read more »

Even a broken clock is right twice a day / McCain the budding Austrian? / You tease, you

John McCain, in a rare display of good ideas, criticizes the Republican-controlled Congress and the president for too much pork barrel spending. Not only that, but:

"Any economist will tell you cannot have this level of debt of increasing deficits without eventually it affecting interest rates and inflation," he said. "Those are the greatest enemies of middle-income Americans and retired Americans."