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When Google announced that its soon-to-be-released Gmail system would archive all the emails its accounts receive, privacy advocates were up in arms. Never deleting an email on a private mail server, they said, is just like Big Brother. Google's defense was that it would only want to know in order to target the ads better. They weren't going to share your emails, they just wanted to have an accurate picture of what products and services you might be inclined to pay for. 1000MB of storage isn't free, you know. Read more »

The Hunt for Easy Targets

The Logic of Outsourcing

One of the most common and most dangerous economic fallacies that the average person makes is to think of labor fundamentally differently than he thinks of other economic goods. It's easy for him to see that catering a wedding or offering legal counsel is a service, and that when the caterer or lawyer charges him a fee for it, he is acting as a consumer. It's not as easy to see that employers act as consumers of labor when they pay employees for their services. Read more »

U[sic]GA is how it's written at Tech

In a move that seems designed specifically to highlight the absurdity of trademark law, the University of Georgia could lose its name to the UGA Foundation. It probably won't, but the name is legally registered to the UGA Foundation, which is in the process of being separated from the university. Read more »

Expert Advice

In a move that must have Paul Ehrlich's head spinning, the International Association for the Study of Obesity declared that obesity is becoming the world's biggest health problem. They recommend that curbing obesity should be a top EU priority, including "controls on marketing and television advertising for children and a labeling scheme to distinguish which foods should be eaten as part of a healthy diet." Read more »

"American" jobs?

Our readers have no doubt noticed that recently we've been keeping a close eye on American Joblog. They have a lot of things to say, almost all of which we disagree with. They have a lot of fallacies to promote, almost all of which we'd like to counter. Read more »

The Digital Gingerbread Man

For those of you who didn't catch the wave back in February, a New Yorker in England who goes by the name of DJ Danger Mouse mixed the music from the Beatles' White Album with the lyrics from Jay-Z's Black Album into the brilliant Grey Album.

Now some enterprising indie rocker has mixed the same Jay-Z lyrics with the music from Weezer's Blue Album, creating The Black and Blue Album. Read more »

Die Schutzstaffel f?r das neue amerikanische Jahrhundert

It surprised me to find an interesting article in WorldNetDaily, but it happened. This article (story also available here) about a Selective Service contingency plan is interesting, yes, but disturbing.

Only You (and Uncle Sam) Can Prevent Prosperity

What do you get when you mix a lot of blinding emotion, a healthy dose of false righteousness, and some bad economics sprinkled on top? The always hilarious (Look for my own companion site, to come online shortly.) I followed a link from Micha's post to a comment thread, and from there to the main site. If you have a high tolerance for this kind of thing, look around the site. A little. Read more »

Now they're really screwed

Attempting to do for the porn question what their comrades to the north have done for the housing question, officials in Los Angeles are now seeking to regulate the porn industry. Read more »

Havana Affair

This Washington Times article about the plight of Cuban blacks trying in vain to get help from the NAACP is not new, but it deserves to be highlighted.

"I have never heard of a chapter of the NAACP taking an interest in the Cuban Negro," said Eusebio Penalver Mazorra, a black Cuban who spent 28 of his 69 years as a jailed dissident in the communist nation.

It's hard to be a rebel in the city

I am shocked--shocked!--to find that Michael Moore (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4) would be guilty of a self-aggrandizing stunt. Will his reputation suffer? Will anyone but us even remember this next week? Read more »

Killing an Arab

It should be obvious now to anyone, pro- or anti-war, that the reconstruction of Iraq was poorly carried out. The planners did expect guerrilla resistance, and for that they were ready. What they failed to account for, and what has been their most serious failing, was that the people of Iraq are not Westerners. They have little or no concept of democracy, and apparently little desire for it. As Arabs, and as Muslims, they already distrusted the United States because of its support for Israel. Read more »

Karl Popper?s <i>The Poverty of Historicism</i>

In memory of the countless men and women
of all creeds or nations or races
who fell victims to the fascist and communist belief in
Inexorable Laws of Historical Destiny.

?Dedication of Karl Popper?s The Poverty of Historicism
Read more »


While I've been studying for and taking finals, the rest of the world has been moving along as it always does. Here is a round-up of articles I noticed but did not have time to analyse until now. Read more »