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parents television council article

Lately there's been a lot of stink over the content of television shows. Almost all of it seems to be generated by the Parents Television Council, a group I cannot stand. I didn't find out until recently that their Advisory Board includes such luminaries as William Bennett, Pat Boone, Sen. Sam Brownback, Billy Ray Cyrus, Gary Johnson, Naomi Judd, Michael Medved, Jane Seymour, and, until her death last Wednesday, C. DeLores Tucker.

In defense of public school administrators

It seems like I hear a story every so often about some administrator at a high school or junior high who's done something foolish. Thrown a kid out of school for a basically innocuous message on his t-shirt or some such thing. My first reaction is always to think that the principal must be a domineering jerk or PC avenger. There he is, zealously interpreting the school rules to make life as bland as possible for his students. Read more »

My Basic Premises

A while ago Charley Reese wrote an interesting post about some of the basic premises on which he bases his thinking. To be frank the article didn't blow my hair back, but I thought the concept was worth repeating on Catallarchy, since I can't recall ever having done so. So:

  1. Governments necessarily act inefficiently, and free markets work better than anything else at organizing society fairly.
  2. Governments necessarily violate rights.

Bumper sticker curmudgeon

Our readers in the United States may have noticed a proliferation of bumper-sticker ribbons lately. First they were plain yellow, then yellow with "Support the troops" written on them, and now there are all kinds, colors, and causes.

I'm not a fan of bumper stickers already. These damn things make me nuts. The knee-jerk pro-Administration position that so many of them seem to imply is bad enough; but now, now, people have started tilting their ribbon stickers so that you can read the text better. Read more »

Defending the happy and healthy against the ambitious

Police in Britain have broken up a human trafficking ring thought to have smuggled up to 200,000 people into the UK. Mainly Turkish Kurds, the smuggled people paid several thousand pounds each for the privilege of living in the UK. Dutifully, the police on the island and across Europe are putting an end to this. Read more »

Six cops vs. a man in a wheelchair

From the website of a bicycle group I'm loosely affiliated with (i.e. when I get a bike again I'll ride with them, but for now I mostly just drink with them) comes a truly horrific story involving cops. It's stories like this that really illustrate the dangers of monopolistic security provision. Basically, they'll get away with it without even so much as a slap on the wrist.

The Future and Its Teeth

Brushing my teeth earlier today I thought back to when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I remember wondering what people did about their crowded mouths before modern dentistry came along, and how it occurred to me that they probably didn't get to be my age with a full set of teeth. Sure, some must have. But the average Joe probably lost a couple or more teeth in his youth. Having too many teeth is probably a modern phenomenon. And thank the Fates for that problem. It's easier and less expensive to yank a few than to plant a few. Read more »

Finally, I\'ve found the to get friendly with the warden

You are now entering the guardline of
O.C.G.A. § 42-5-15 provides that it shall be unlawful
for any person to come inside the guard line
with a gun, pistol, or any other weapon, or with or
under the influence of any intoxicating liquor,
amphetamines, biphetamines, or any other
hallucinogenic or other drugs, without the
knowledge or consent of the warden,
superintendent, or his designated represtentative.
Conviction of this crime is punishable by
imprisonment of not less than one year and not more
Read more »

Kennedy, Solved

Always timely, I'd like to give my own speculation about the JFK assassination. I haven't put in thousands of hours of fevered conspiracy-theorizing, but I do know something about political behavior and government, so it's worth a shot.

There are a few things to consider:

* The evidence from the Zapruder video seems to indicate more than one shooter—at least two coordinated shooters. Read more »

Rough Ol\' Boy

First, let it not be said that The Rough Ol' Boy is anything less than a badass. I first hung out with this character at a Mises event last year and at another one this August he gave me his blog address, which I promptly forgot like a jerk. Hey, it was a hectic week. I had lots of things to remember. Anyway, I've now rediscovered it, and you should have a look. Read more »

Pluralist Sharia?

Another black eye for FEMA, another feather in the cap of private initiative

First, commenter Eric H left a comment good enough to make me investigate his blog, and when I got there I saw this great post.

Second, he links to this article, which makes me regret that I don't haunt the Washington Post website for new updates.

The FEMA Disaster

FEMA's handling of the New Orleans situation has been so incompetent that everybody ought to know by now. As I write this, there are 1000 firefighters in a hotel downtown from all over the country sitting idle. First, FEMA requested "two-person fire teams to do community relations" in the affected areas, i.e., to use highly trained emergency workers to hand out flyers in a disaster area. Many firefighters responded but are now being prepped in Atlanta.

eBay turns 10

I almost didn't see it, but this notice on eBay says they celebrate their tenth anniversary this Labor Day weekend. Ten years of fusing the ease of communication of the web with the beauty of free trade in just about everything. Here's to ten more!


Either Gerhard Schröder beat Angela Merkel in Germany's only televised election debate, as Reuters UK reports, or Angela Merkel "scored a decisive victory" as The Guardian reports. Read more »