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Barney Frank, raging libertarian for a day

Apparently it's already been posted on several blogs, but let's keep the momentum going because it's too good not to post. In a House discussion about the online gambling bill, Rep. Barney Frank said this: Read more »

Nietzsche Family Circus

Here's another link that's fun on Friday: Nietzsche Family Circus. "The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs a randomized Family Circus cartoon with a randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quote." You didn't want to do any real work on Friday afternoon anyway.

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Rushdie soon to be on the run, can hide out at my house

The Evening Standard's entertainment guide has a great story about Salman Rushdie joining in the veil fray. He's quoted making the very astute observation that "the veil is a way of taking power away from women."

This is exactly the way to say it. Depending on your starting assumptions, you can say it is either degrading or dignifying. But both sides agree it takes power away from women. Read more »

That\'ll show \'em

What would be the proper response to a speech in which the speaker quoted a medieval text about the shortcomings of Islam, and also said he did not agree with the assessment? Here's a wrong answer:

CAIRO, Egypt -- An al-Qaida-linked extremist group warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that he and the West were "doomed," as protesters returned to the streets across the Muslim world to demand more of an apology from the pontiff for his remarks about Islam and violence.

MLK\'s lasting contribution

Living in Atlanta has made me think about Martin Luther King more than I otherwise would. I mean, I went to public schools and learned the same mythology everyone else did. But constantly being surrounded by King's legendary presence—his bones rest in a shrine a mile and a half from my residence—I've had cause to consider the legend from time to time. Read more »


R.I.P. Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter.

found via ifeminists news feed

Goodbye Linda

I always take a little pleasure in seeing self-righteous government officials beaten. While the 2004 election was a bad deal all around, at least I knew John Kerry, the smug New Englander who'd been feeling entitled to make my decisions his whole career, would get no satisfaction. (Tweedle Dum got it instead, but let's look on the bright side, eh?) Read more »

JetBlue and TSA, partners in the destruction of America

If it weren't so wrong it'd be funny how the TSA keeps finding new ways to be totalitarian. Via Wendy McElroy [I know what you're thinking; no] comes Raed Jarrar's story about the new depths of the "Airport Gestapo." Read more »

In 1993, under South Africa's apartheid government, 451 black males per 100,000 were incarcerated. In 2004, under the U.S.A.'s prohibition, 4,919 black males per 100,000 were incarcerated.

This staggering figure comes from

Into the sea

I don't have any exhaustive commentary about the newest Mideast fiasco, but a lot of commentary I've seen about it seems to be missing one point I'd like to identify. The Israeli government will be satisfied when militant attacks against Israel stop; Hezbollah and its allies will be satisfied when Israel is wiped off the map.

No, I'm not taking sides. Libertarians can find plenty to dislike about the actions of both sides—the list would take up the rest of my life.

Yeah, kiss the ring

Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed the inflation of rank in Southern mega-churches in the last few years. Where once God's well-compensated hustlers were content to be styled "Reverend," more and more of them seem to be "Bishop" now. Who the hell decides this anyway?

Bishop Randall McElroy is not pleased.

The Old Lie

The always challenging and awesome Rad Geek has just started a side project, Dulce et Decorum Est. From its 'about' page:

La Radio

Yesterday I was away from home at the beginning of the World Cup game, so on the way back I tried to find a radion station covering same. Not only was I disappointed to find that the Atlanta market had no English-language coverage (i.e. too small a market), but I was surprised to find so many AM stations in Spanish. Not just World Cup coverage, but radio in general. There are plenty of Spanish-speakers in the Southeast, but they are spread out. Hence, it makes sense to have AM stations in Spanish. I wonder if there are similar instances in other locations. Read more »