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A Rejection of Liberalism or Just the Left?

So as Democrats talk about the “darkening of the political spectrum” and the “shadow looming over America,” I have to say that I think it is appropriate that most Americans wouldn’t vote for a not-candidate. The Democrats have spent the last four years chanting “anybody but Bush” and “I’d vote for a ::insert random inanimate object here:: if I thought it could beat Bush.” In that time the only positive change they managed to promote was “not-Bush,” the only positive values they agreed upon was “not-Bush,” the only common ideology among them was “not-Bush,” and the only uniting principle within the self-described “liberal party” was “not-Bush.” Read more »

Strange Bedfellows

The election has gotten me thinking about political coalitions, because to some degree thats what every political party is. Both the left and the right like to project this image of solidarity, but within their ranks it's quite clear that political positions and ideologies run the gamut. From the extreme right wing conservative christians to the log cabin republicans; from the old guard conservative southern Democrats to the extreme left (communists, socialists, feminists etc.), there is quite a bit of diversity among the different factions of both of the major parties. Read more »

Euthyphro\'s Dilemma

I came across an article recently about Euthyphro's dilemma and what it implies about human ethical systems. Unfortunately it was not in electronic format but here is the gist of the discussion:

Socrates is on his way to his own trial (a trial that will ultimately lead to his death) on the way he runs into Euthyphro who is also on the way to a trial. Euthyphro is on his way to the trial of his own father whom he is personally prosecuting for murder. Read more »

A Rose By Any Other Name

Okay, perhaps my memory is faulty, perhaps I am just hallucinating, but I seem to remember that previous to the 2003 operations in Iraq one of the biggest concerns regarding an invasion of Iraq was that it would be preemptive and thus set a precedent for preemptive invasions on the part of the U.S. and its allies. Personally, I do not support the belief that it was preemptive, because we were regularly dropping bombs on Iraq and engaging in what I would loosely call economic warfare. That is another debate for another day. Read more »

Shaking Up the Monolith Media

Jesse Walker of Reason wrote an interesting article on the impact of the blogosphere on old media outlets. Read more »

What\'s in a Menu?

Apparently a new york man was arrested for leaving too small of a tip.

From Ananova:

Humberto Taveras, 41, from Long Island, faces a misdemeanour charge of theft of services.

He had refused to leave a mandatory 18% service charge added on for parties of six or more at Soprano's Restaurant in Lake George.

Restaurant owner Joe Soprano said the menu stated that an 18% charge is added for parties of six or more.

Only Themselves To Blame

On the one hand I am awfully amused that Nader did not make the ballot in California, but on the other hand less options on the ballot ultimately means less democracy.

The opinion over at TalkLeft on the subject seems to reflect the views of most Democrats I have encountered lately: Read more »

Another good reason to not look forward to death

Over at Sentient Developments there is an interesting post on a recent proclamation by the pope. Apparently couples are expected to be celibate in heaven. That's right - celibacy for eternity. This puts a whole new spin on the 40 virgins thing. Read more »

Animal Rights and Marginal Cases

A few months back I came across an article on animal rights over at Strike The Root. It caught my eye because it focused on the "''argument from marginal cases". I have noticed that this has become a very popular argument in recent years in favor of animal rights. That fact however surprises me because it does not seem like a particularly strong argument. In fact it seems like a particularly weak one. Read more »

I Must Be Out of the Loop...

I came across a term today that made my head spin: "unreconstructed liberal." Having been born and raised in the South my first response to the term was, "well clearly that's a contradiction in terms." As it turns out the term "unreconstructed" much like the term "fundamentalist" has now turned into an adjective used independently from its original context. I simply had yet to notice. Read more »

Daniel Dennett on Postmodernism

I was perusing some links on philosophy of science when I came across this piece by Daniel C. Dennett. Here is an excerpt. Read more »

The Endless Entertainment Value of the Left

I was meandering about the blogosphere when I came across a post that made me bust out laughing. Via QandO this is Ralph Nader's list of issues that Kerry will "avoid addressing" during the convention: Read more »

Serenity is Back

Who Wants to Live Forever?

I do not know if I would like to live forever, however, I suspect I will have an answer to that question after my first thousand years. Hopefully the answer will be: Why not?

Excerpt from Timescale for Life Extension:

Of my three milestones listed here, this is the one that stuns most people -- and, as far as I can see, for the least justified reasons. My guess is that the average age of death of those born in wealthy nations at or after the achievement of milestone 2 will exceed 5000 years.

Illicit Uses of Solemnity

If state officials in New York have their way even "solemnizing" a gay marriage would be illegal.

Unitarian Universalist ministers Kay Greenleaf and Dawn Sangrey are believed to be the first clergy members in the country to be prosecuted for marrying gay couples. The women were charged in March with solemnizing 13 marriages for couples without a license in the village of New Paltz.