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American Idol S-F Round 2 - Guy\'s Night

Just a quick overview of the guy's night from Monday. Mario Vazquez started the night off strong with an upbeat song called "I Love Music." Next was Anwar Robinson who sang what was ironically an anti-vietnam war song. I think it was called "What's going on." Joseph Murena picked a much better song this week with "Let's stay together." David Brown once again bombed with a Stevie Wonder song called "All is fair in love." Constantine Maroulis sang "Hard to Handle," he seemed to be trying to prove he could rock as well as Bo did last week. Once again I didn't like it much. Read more »

American Idol 4 Semi-final round 2

Ladies' Night

Tonight the Ladies were a little disappointing especially compared with the stellar performances from the guys last night.

The night started off with Aloha Mischeaux who sang a song by Alicia Keyes. The song just wasn't interesting when compared with her performance from last week. Basically it was a poor song choice which undermined any connection she might have had with the audience.

SS: 5 Mus: 7 AC: 6 PP: 7 M/U: 8
Overall: 6.6

Lindsey Cardinale sang "You're all I think about these days." It was an upbeat country song and a significant improvement over last week. Her weak points were on musicality and memorability after singing one of the many country songs tonight. But on all counts she was stronger and better than last week.

SS: 8 Mus: 6.5 AC: 8 PP: 7.5 M/U: 6
Overall: 7.2

Jessica Sierra sang "On a broken Wing." The first time I watched her performance through I was thinking about how her rendition of the song wasn't as good as the one from last season. I did not like the performance at all but after the judges gave her a glowing review I thought I would watch it through again to see if I had perhaps missed something and rated her too low. It was worse the second time. The performance had no life in it. There was no audience connection, she was infinitely forgettable, the musicality was mediocre, and so was the physical performance of the song. I also thought it was a poor song selection. It was boring, melodramatic, and oversung. Perhaps someone saw something I didn't, but for me twice watching it was too much.

SS: 5 Mus: 7 AC: 4 PP: 6 m/u: 4
Overall: 5.2 Read more »

American Idol 4.3 Results

The results are in and half of my predictions turned out to be correct. My lowest scorers, Melinda Lira and Jared Yates, both got cut from the show. On the other hand two of the strongest performers from last night were also cut, Sarah Mather and Judd Harris. This is proof that the lowest vote getters are far easier to predict than the second lowest vote getters. Read more »

American Idol Round 3 Lady\'s Night

If monday night was cheesy love song night, then last night was failed power ballad night. Half the contestants last night tried to do what Latoya did in this round last year - pull off a gut-wrenching power ballad - and they pretty much all failed.

The night started off with a fairly good performance by Vonzell Solomon who sang "Heat Wave." The song was fun and her performance was strong, unfortunately it was forgetable in comparison with other performances later on.

Song selection: 7 Musicality: 8 Audience Connection: 8 Physical Performance: 7 Memorability/uniqueness: 7 Read more »

American Idol Round 3 - guys night

Last night was apparently cheesy love song night on American Idol. I found this fact particularly interesting because it seemed as if most of the guys competing were trying to appeal to the young female vote while ignoring the fact that quite a bit of their audience would not be particularly swayed with adult contemporary love songs. Nevertheless it was overall a good night. This is by far the strongest round 3 showing I have personally ever seen. Of course it helps that they got rid of the piano last year and let contestants sing to studio quality music. Read more »

Supreme Court to Consider Eminent Domain

Well it took them long enough didn't it.

Supreme Court to consider eminent domain: "Berliner, with the Institute for Justice, said Kelo isn't asking the court to overturn its 1954 ruling or even diminish eminent domain in a way that will affect private development.

She said that because even New London agrees that Kelo's neighborhood isn't a blighted slum, it's an extreme case.

American Idol Top 24

Here is the list of top 24 contestants on American Idol:


David Brown
Nikko Smith
Anthony Federov
Judd Harris
Joseph Murena
Anwar Robinson Read more »

American Idol 4.2

Finally round 2 is here, and one of my early favorites, Briana Davis, has already been cut. In case you do not remember she is the one who sang "Phantom of the Opera," and had the blue hair. In defense of the judges, her second round audition was really bad. She was nervous, hit a few bad notes, and just did not really pull it off, but it would have been nice to see her get a second chance in light of the fact that they knew just how talented she was. Read more »

American Idol Cleveland/Orlando/San Francisco

Finally first round auditions are over. No more watching people with no skill attempt to sing pop music (or opera as the case may be)!

Here is the best from the past two nights.

From Cleveland:

Briana Davis - Absolutely the best this week! Briana sang Phantom of the Opera and pulled it off. She has a beautiful soprano voice and hit notes that most of us only dream of. On a side note she has blue hair. Read more »

The \"Wizard of Oz\" degree

A couple weeks ago I was at an orientation for my new job at Home Depot. The orientation included people who would be working in all departments of the store - plumbing, milwork, garden, cashiers etc. Several times during the week long orientation we split up into groups and were required to name our individual group. Read more »

American Idol Las Vegas

Finally an episode not dedicated to the worst America has to offer!!! Last night's episode was about a 50/50 split between good and bad contestants (of what we were shown), instead of the usual 30/70 or 20/80. There were many great female singers. My favorite, though definitely not the strongest singer of the night, was Amanda Avila. She's a Vegas show girl and sang "I wanna love you forever." She had a strong rich voice, and a fun personality on top of that. Read more »

American Idol New Orleans... or not.

So I was all set to watch tonights episode of American Idol, in fact both BilLee (my fiance) and myself had been particularly looking forward to the New Orleans episode -as he is from southern Lousianna. When as it turns out someone, who shall remain nameless, accidentally disconnected the tivo from the t.v. several days ago and failed to mention this to those it might concern (me and BilLee). So I had a whole lot of nothing recorded on Tivo and American Idol was about 20 minutes long gone. :wall: Read more »

The Logic Of Vulcan

As an avid fan and regular viewer of Star Trek (in its many iterations) I often find myself contemplating the reasoning underlying the different premises, cultures, and characters we are presented with in the Star Trek universe. I once gave a speech, for example, on why the Federation was socialist. My reasoning being the strange lack of currency and major business interests (that weren’t tied to the federation in some way) on Earth. Read more »

Johnny Carson (1925-2005)

Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be president, and anyone who doesn't grow up can be vice president.

I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing.

If it weren't for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we'd still be eating frozen radio dinners.

If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.

Nancy Reagan fell down and broke her hair.

American Idol St. Louis

Apparently there were quite a few talented singers at the St. Louis audtion, and apparently the producers of the show decided to share only 2 or 3 of them (depending on who you ask) with us. Most of last nights episode was dedicated to showing us absolutely clueless people demonstrate how tone deaf they were. One girl sang somewhere over the rainbow on approximately 2 notes. Then a guy named Dirk (no kidding... his name was Dirk) sang us a tune by his favorite artist: David Hasselhof (sp?)... Thus far Dirk is my pick for the William Hung, most likely to get an album for being terrible award. Read more »