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High School All Over Again

The Supreme Court has now decided that police can charge you with a crime for refusing to give them your name upon request. This reminds me of high school. About 2 years after my high school opened, a few months into my senior year, my high school decided to create and distribute photo ID cards for all of the students using our school photos. Alongside the distribution of these cards they created a new rule. The rule was that a student had to carry their ID at all times while on school property, and had to present the ID immediately upon the request of any member of the faculty. Read more »

Making His Mark


"Music's been around a long time, and there's going to be music long after Ray Charles is dead," he told the Washington Post in 1983. "I just want to make my mark, leave something musically good behind. If it's a big record, that's the frosting on the cake, but music's the main meal."

Remembering Ray Charles


Voting Female

I came across this in The Week today. It was written by the former governor of Vermont, Madeline Kunin, in the Boston Globe.

If we are ever to have a democracy which accurately reflects its constituency, it's time to take stronger steps.

In one area, we have already done so.

Costs, Services, and Annoying Utility Bills

Imagine going into a restaurant looking at the menu, picking out a nice thick steak and baked potato plate for $12.95, or if you are vegetarian, picking out an overpriced tomato and sprouts sandwhich for $12.95, and then having a great meal. After you are done the server brings you a bill that says:

Entree: $12.95
Beverage: $1.50
Order Processing Fee: $4.95

Subtotal: $19.40 Read more »

No Escape

Letter to Bolshevik

From the library of Congress Soviet archives exhibit: a letter written by former prisoners of the Solovetsky concentration camp.

To the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik)

exile.jpg We appeal to you, asking you to pay a minimum of attention to our request. Read more »

The Wrath of God

A recent show I watched on the effects of human development on the environment reminded me of the time long long ago when I was a protestant Christian (it?s been nearly a decade since then). The show was interesting in spite of its obvious biases and I intend to have forthcoming critiques of the arguments presented. Some of the subtle biases of the show reminded me of a phenomenon I have been encountering quite a bit in the last few years, and the same phenomenon I encountered when I was deeply involved with a church and Christian peer group. Read more »

You Can Never Leave

Perhaps the civil war was about slavery after all. From Lincoln's first Inaugural Address: Read more »


America's First Strip Malls

I have heard a great deal of talk in my lifetime about "unsightly" strip malls. The term conjures images of land, and forest being stripped barren for the sake of a row of shops we do not actually need. In the left's "smart growth" movement it is a term used to indicate the worst side of suburban sprawl. One of the most heinous consequences of strip malls, especially the ones that include Wal-Mart's and Super Wal-Mart's, being that they take away business from "historic downtowns." Strip malls destroy main street. Read more »

Government and the Economy

Government's view of the economy should be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

-Ronald Reagan (1986)

Pop Culture Individualism

fantasia.jpgI have never been a big fan of Willie Nelson, and I never liked American Idol?s Fantasia Barrino that much either. Yet somehow when they came together on country western night with Fantasia singing ?You Were Always on My Mind? Read more »

Defining My Marriage

National debates are usually a good thing, and in a way the debate over gay marriage is also. To think that a few decades ago we could not and would not have had such a debate. To think that people just were not comfortable or open enough to talk about it. Thus, open discussion on such a subject is surely a good thing. Read more »

Rainbough\'s Bio

Quick facts about Rainbough Phillips: I'm female. I'm in my early-ish 20's. I grew up in metro Atlanta. I currently live in Austin Texas. I went to UGA for a couple of years -dropped out. I am currently studying to become a massage therapist, and I am an aspiring novelist (sci-fi). Read more »