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Many Cops, Not None

Arnold Kling makes the classic misjudgement of libertarian "anarchy" in this post about looting:

Lee Harris writes,

FDA => Consumer Reports

Iraqis want to work, the DOD wants to make KBR money

Wired has just run Wiring The War Zone, a short version of "Bullets, Bombs, and Bandwidth", an article about Ryan Lackey and Tyler Wagner, two American net geeks doing contracting in Iraq, setting up IP infrastructure. From what I've seen, Ryan is reasonably unbiased w.r.t. the war, so the end bit about the state of Iraq is quite interesting: Read more »

Bubble or Fundamentals?

With that Shiller article getting so much attention from around the blogosphere, I wanted to share something I learned from the comments to my Bubble post. Tanner pointed out a key fundamental which changed - the exclusion from taxation of $250K for single and $500K for couples of capital gains on the sale of your primary residence. Read more »

Philosophy Comics?

Just finished reading Issue #2 of the comic Action Philosophers. This one's an All-Sex Special, featuring:

  • The Shocking Contradiction of Thomas Jefferson
  • Hard-Drinkin' Hard-Lovin' Saint Augustine
  • Ayn Rand's Non-Objectivist Love Affair!

Fun stuff.

Don\'t I own the jiggling of my electrons?

In my recent post on privacy, provocatively title Blackmail and Goat-Fucking, I was reminded during the comments of an old radio scanner maxim:

Any radio waves that pass through my body, I'll listen to if I want.

Blackmail and goat-fucking

There are a lot of areas where I have strong intuitive libertarian beliefs. Free speech, taxes, guns, regulations, drugs, etc. As I've gotten older, I've tempered those intuitions with consequentalism and understanding of others having different intuitions, but restrictions on those issues still just make me mad, at a gut level. Read more »

Benjamin Franklin On Arguing

I made it a rule to forbear all direct contradictions to the sentiments of others, and all positive assertion of my own. I even forbade myself the use of every word or expression in the language that imported a fixed opinion, such as "certainly", "undoubtedly", etc. I adopted instead of them "I conceive", "I apprehend", or "I imagine" a thing to be so or so; or "so it appears to me at present".
Read more »

Socialism Summed

Evolution vs. ID

Paul Phillips has some interesting thoughts on the Ev vs. ID debate, casting it in terms of the struggle over scientific inquiry in general. First, on the question of whether non-biologists believing in evolution are showing "faith": Read more »

South Park Libertarian

He likes Hayek, he likes Rand - a song by Paul Feine, MP3 here. (via The Agitator)

Arguing Ancap Stability

I was searching through my personal blog archives for my "Castles in the Sea" parody of "Castles in the Sky", and came across a post which y'all may find interesting:

An article in the March issue of Reason included a brief debate about the proper scope of government, with comments by Richard Epstein and David Friedman, among others. Epstein wrote the following about anarcho-capitalism:

"A large society with no central authority offers an open invitation to some sleazy individual to consolidate power in his own name"

I responded in an email to the Letters from Readers department, CCd to Epstein, and to my pleasure received a prompt response. Read more »

The Mouse That Squeaked

Killing is easy, in the abstract. Killing when you've seen a face, that's hard. Even if the face has a long nose and whiskers.

cute little field mouseA mouse has been ravaging the kitchen lately. My wife, being a soft-hearted woman, prefers live traps, and we'd used one successfuly before, but it was a pain and took forever. We tried smaller ones this time, without success. So she agreed to taking more drastic measures, and went to get a different trap, which turned out to be a glue trap. Read more »

Carnival of Teenage Sex

With almost a hundred comments to date, my Voice of Hedonism post garned reactions spanning the gamuts of sense, truth, and topicality. So much content calls for a response, but time and space force that response to be incomplete ("I canna do it cap'n", as the late James Doohan would say). Read more »