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Why don't Cannibals eat clowns?

Because they taste funny.

Chris Bertram asks whether libertarians - Samizdatistas in particular - will find it difficult to come up with principled objections to the following case:

Why don't economists get many dates?

This may help explain why.

Also, this is probably the only comic strip with a freakin' bibliography.

[Thanks to Glen Whitman for the link]

There oughta be a law!

Immediately after reading Randall's post below, I came across another McCain gem, this time from an article about spam.

Almost everyone involved with the spam debate admits CAN-Spam will do little. After voting for the bill, Sen. John McCain said ?the odds of defeating spam by legislation are extremely low, but that doesn?t mean we should stand idly by.?

My sister and I went to the movie theater last night intending to see The Matrix Revolutions. Unfortunately, the scheduled time listed in the paper was canceled, so we bought tickets for "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" instead. We were not disappointed. Read more »

The disconnect between speech and action

Greg Goelzhauser, of En Banc fame, observes that saying one thing and doing another is a trademark of Republicans (case in point: Rush Limbaugh). At least Democrats are more honest about their intentions to give us the government we deserve good and hard.

An Austrian criticism of smoking bans

Julian Sanchez has a brand-spankin' new article up on Reason discussing what Austrian economics can tell us about smoking bans. An excerpt,

What, Me Worry?

Alex Tabarrok over at Marginal Revolution links to what he calls a "worrying survey on democracy." Although the survey "found over 60 percent of people in Arab countries agree that 'Democracy is the best form of Government,'... the same survey [found] that less than 40 percent of people in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand agreed." Read more »

Bonfire of the Absurdities

Word of the day is: reductio creep.

The term was originally coined a little over a year ago by Julian Sanchez as "the process by which an insane extension of some principle, offered as a reductio ad absurdum of that principle, is soon afterwards realized."

Julian noted, Read more »

Let them eat Mao Mix

In the comments thread of Jonathan's previous post praising Catallarchy's favorite freedom fighter?, Sabine Herold, our friendly neighborhood socialist Matt questions the wisdom of comparing opposition to genetically modified foods with Maoism. Read more »

Do I feel guilty? Well, do ya punk?

I'm really pissed off.

I just came back from a "Diversity Forum" at Georgia Tech on the topic of Affirmative Action and the recent Michigan Supreme Court rulings. I found out about this event too late to participate as a libertarian panelist alongside representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans. Instead, I had to sit quietly in the audience, repressing my frustration at the frequent misstatements of fact, extreme ideological bias, and shameful insults directed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Read more »

Scary Quote of the Day

Cloning is a new technology with potential to profoundly alter social, economic and political relationships, and therefore on egalitarian principles, should remain illegal for general use until it is economically viable to provide it to the population equally.

- Daniel Davies, commenting in a Crooked Timber
about arguments for and against cloning Read more »

Got a permit for that?

David Bernstein links to this editorial on an affirmative action bake sale at the University of Washington. Read more »

Americans demand increased protection from selves

So reads the title in this "news" piece, which I found through a link from Radley Balko.

Some highlights:

Political <i>In</i>correctness run amok

Roderick T. Long, in a post on Liberty & Power, points to his excellent (partial) defense of political correctness. Read more »

Note to self: do not bathe in ass milk

THE FEDERAL government is moving quickly to protect the virtue of American womanhood from imported ass's milk, which softens the skin, improves complexion -- and turns even the most modest, God-fearing gals into sexual wildcats.

Source: Weekly World News, the most trusted name in supermarket tabloids