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A Simple Plan

Quote of the Day

Virtual Property Rights

Qiwi found the following news article, which is slightly relevant to my recent post on Diablo II:

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese court has ordered an online video game company to return hard-won virtual property, including a make-believe stockpile of bio-chemical weapons, to a player whose game account was looted by a hacker.

Two peas in the same loopholey pod

I just made a startling realization. Read more »

Does Nozick justify the <i>welfare</i> state?

Robert Nozick, in Anarchy, State, and Utopia, takes Murray Rothbard's anarcho-capitalist society as a starting point and then attempts to justify a minimalist "night-watchman" state by using Rothbard's own libertarian premises. Read more »

Spreading the, uh, good word

A vicar has given his flock hardcore porn videos instead of a video about God's message at Christmas after a mix-up at a copying factory.

About 300 people ended up with the XXX-rated material in the German town of Lampoldshausen.

The evangelical congregation had hoped to spread the word about Jesus to those who did not enjoy reading - but churchgoers found themselves handed videos containing hardcore sex scenes instead.

- Ananova

Video Game Economics

When I'm not writing for Catallarchy, doing schoolwork, or spending time with friends and family, I play the online video game Diablo II. This game is over five years old - ancient by computer game standards - and yet I've been playing it ever since it was first released. What explains this longevity? Read more »

Rebutting the public goods argument

Perhaps the most frequently-used justification for government, especially by minarchists and neoclassical economists, is the argument that the government is necessary for the provision of public goods - non-excludable goods whose benefits cannot be limited to contributors. Because of this non-excludability, there is no incentive to contribute, for each potential contributer will reason that other people will contribute, thereby free-riding on the contributions of everyone else. Read more »

The Three Marketeers

In order to make a judgment, we must have a standard by which to compare the object in question. For example, if someone says, "this apple is sweet", that would only make sense if we lived in a world with foods that were not sweet. Otherwise, the statement is about as meaningful as "this apple is made of atoms."

The same is true in political theory. When someone criticizes capitalism, they must show that the same criticism would not apply to socialism as well; otherwise, the criticism is not really about capitalism at all - it would be true regardless of the economic system. Read more »

God is on my side, not yours!

Andy Duncan of claims that God is a libertarian. This raises the obvious question: WWRT? (What Would Rand Think?)

Finally, a use for politicians

They can get you out of the house.

Last February, Clay Johnson, 26, took a trip from Atlanta to the Dominican Republic to visit his girlfriend, Merrill, who was studying linguistics at a university there. He carried an engagement ring in his pocket, but when he arrived, he said, Merrill was cold and distant, and he never gave it to her. Before he left, Merrill told him that she didn't love him anymore.

This is the way the world ends

Not with a whimper but a bang.

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Blog Incest

Lynne Kiesling expands on Jonathan's discussion of blogs as spontaneous order.

Dr. Kiesling writes,

Libertarians for Chris Matthews

Who needs Howard Dean when you can have Chris Matthews?

Dean, like all slimey politicians, squeals and squirms to avoid answering Matthews' hardballs. Matthews doesn't let Dean's bullshit fly.

DEAN: You can?t say-you can?t ask me right now and get an answer, would I break up X corp...

MATTHEWS: We?ve got to do it now, because now is the only chance we can ask you, because, once you are in, we have got to live with you.

But the best is at the very end:

From Cannibalism to Baby-Selling

Given that I may be "in league with the forces of Darkness," baby-selling seems like a worthwhile topic to follow cannibalism. Read more »