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A Festival of Touch

John Scalzi is officially not cool.

(And he has the license plate to prove it.)

Separation of [fill in the blank] and State

We're all familiar (or should be, after reading this) with how socialized healthcare is just a hop, skip, and jump away from regulating what we eat, drink and smoke. After all, as Radley Balko notes, "If I?m paying for my neighbor?s high cholesterol, I?m more open to the idea that perhaps government ought to start regulating what he eats." Read more »


Pinch the tail. Suck the head. Burn in Hell. GOD HATES SHRIMP.COM

For the record, I have never eaten shrimp, lobster, or any other kind of sea creature without fins and scales.


The best response I've seen so far to the Neil Levy paper traveling around the blogosphere comes by way of Hei Lun, from Begging to Differ. Read more »


I have solved the budget deficit.

All I did was read the following two posts at Marginal Revolution and the problem basically solved itself.

First, Alex Tabarrok grimly observes that The U.S. Government is Bankrupt to the tune of 45 trillion dollars. Read more »

Look Mami I Got the X

John Lott, Michael Bellesiles - meet George Ricaurte.

From Keith Halderman of Liberty & Power comes this Chronicle of Higher Education piece on Ricaurte's falsified research:


Bill O'Reilly just asked Michel Speier of Variety why there is such controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's new movie:

Is it because the major media and much of the press is controlled by Jewish people?


Also, in the preceding segment, O'Reilly praised the pseudo-censorship of Howard Stern, as Stern is partly responsible for the "moral cesspool" that is today's media.

No word on whether Mel's extremely violent film also contributed to this "moral cesspool."

Has The Whole World Gone Crazy?

So it seems that Jews are not the only ones going absolutely batshit over Mel Gibson's new movie. Although we have been doing our part:

Other Jewish groups decided to actively protest the film. Wednesday evening, members of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns ? Amcha planned to greet Upper East Side film-goers dressed in concentration-camp uniforms. "The film is born of the same theology that gave rise to the Holocaust," said Amcha vice president Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld.

And So It Begins...

'Jews Killed Jesus' Sign Causing Controversy

Pastor Refuses To Remove Or Change Saying On Outdoor Marquee


A billboard unveiled on Ash Wednesday, the same day that a controversial movie depicting the last hours of Jesus Christ premiered, is sparking criticism from people of all faiths.

Separate, Not Equal


See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Orthodox Union warns Passion film could weaken faith:

NEW YORK - A major Jewish American Orthodox body Tuesday warned Jews that seeing Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ," which premiers Wednesday, could weaken their faith.

More Lies, Damn Lies, and Drug Warrior Statistics

It's easier to argue on the basis of logic rather than on the basis of empirical fact when logic is handy and empirical facts are not. It's also easier to hoodwink people into believing your particular set of facts when you are speaking to a live audience and claim to have some expertise on the issue.

In my previous post on Stutman's speech, and during the speech itself, I assumed that he had his facts straight, and I only challenged him on legal, constitutional, and logical grounds. Read more »

Nicely Put

It's scandalous that this country treats people as if they're not responsible enough to take care of their own lives, but somehow responsible enough to vote to control the lives of others.

- Kyle Markley, aka "Cap'n Arbyte," writing about Social Security.


John Scalzi offers a chilling juxtaposition of two photographs which cut to the heart of the gay marriage debate. Will you regret your current position on this issue in 20 years?