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A free society represented in cinema

No, sorry, I don't have one for you. I'm asking you for examples. Read more »

Pop Quiz

I'm taking an elective course this semester called Business Ethics. In this class, we've covered a much broader range of topics than what I was expecting. We've already discussed the scourge of globalization and vilified a large number of well-known companies. What baffles me the most about this course isn't the professor's overt anti-business/anti-capitalism leanings; it's the attitudes of a majority of my fellow students. Read more »

An efficient amount of people to die from terrorism

While idling in my office during a break today, I came across an interesting comment thread at Too Much To Dream. The comments in question were written by someone using the tag '24601,' who also posts at Excerpts:

...there is an efficient amount of everything which tends to be non-infinite and non-zero.
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Last Semester of Trade School

The most perplexing thing about spending five or six days engrossed in one project is the way that everything else suffers. Read more »