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Just around the corner?

From the Boston Globe letters section:

Preemptive action on climate change

Henley on commerce and double standards

Jim Henley writes on economic freedom...

Guy walks into a bar. Or a store, or a movie theater, car dealership, hair salon, rental office, gym. Guy gives the guy behind the counter money and gets his chosen good or service in return.

Quote of the Day

"If someone says 'I want a frozen daquiri' and you know we don't have blenders, you go to the bartender and tell him to send a runner out to buy a blender. Or, you go to the bar next door and buy a frozen daquiri and you bring it over. If that's what it's gonna take to make someone happy, that's your absolute responsibility to do."

-Rocco Dispirito, to the staff of his new restaurant

South Florida homeschoolers

This article about South Florida homeschoolers points out some of the benefits of homeschooling. The parents view education as a continuous endeavor, not a temporary undertaking.

"We don't have a first day of school. It's continuous," said Elizabeth Fulop, of Sunrise, who home-schools four of her five children, all under 10.


The most exciting quarterback to ever play the game is out of commission for the next six weeks with a fractured fibula.


Oh well. At least the college football season starts in less than a week.

Security, Inc.

Here is one of the more comprehensive articles I have seen on the role of private security organizations in major conflicts and crises around the globe. Read more »

Jim Rogers on bargains and excesses

For anyone interested in investing, I ran across this fascinting interview with Jim Rogers, who early in his career achieved a 4000% return in 10 years. In my opinion, he is one of the sharpest investing minds I have ever read. He has a gift for seeing the 'big picture' and macro trends. Some choice excerpts from the interview: Read more »

The cult of the central banker

Jonathan Pearce of Samizdata warns of the risks that go along with entrusting economic power in the hands of central bankers. Read more »

Carson on 'education inflation'

Over at the Mises Blog, drawing an analogy between monetary inflation and the current state of education, Stephen W. Carson writes about the devaluation of degrees.

Teach him to fish

Friedrich von Blowhard writes about moments that made him think.

* I ran across a lefty woman acquaintance. She'd just gotten back after a couple of years with Oxfam in Africa. "How'd it go?" I asked. "Did you manage to do some good?"

She gave me a look. "I'm not sure," she said.

"What do you mean?"

Too bland and too phony

Maureen Dowd writes in the NY Times this morning about the mainstreaming of political blogging.

The most telling sign that the Internet is no longer the cool American frontier? Blogs, which sprang up to sass the establishment, have been overrun by the establishment.

The benefits of free trade

From the Washington Post:

Free trade generates economic growth through exports, but it also improves the real wages and purchasing power of American families through imports. The two major U.S. trade agreements during the 1990s, NAFTA and the Uruguay Round, increased incomes and provided consumers with a greater choice of goods at better prices, raising living standards for a typical American family of four by up to $2,000 a year.

NY Times on free trade

The NY Times has another nice editorial on the dire consequences of protectionist policies for farmers in the developing world. Read more »