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Quote of the Day

On newspapers and soda cans

Thoughts on this question asked below. Props to grant, Kevin White, and Spoonie Luv for stepping up to the plate. grant essentially nailed it.

When I am done reading a newspaper, a second newspaper is essentially useless to me. A second newspaper does not give me any new information. If my friend wants to know the news, I can give him that same newspaper; neither he nor I need a second newspaper. Read more »

Manned vs unmanned space flights

From today's NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Re "The Rush to Resume Shuttle Flights" (editorial, Sept. 9):

You support manned space flights. Why? There's simply no evidence that manned spaceflight will do anything to contribute to our understanding of planets outside our own.

In fact, almost every single advance in our understanding of the cosmos has come from unmanned space flights and space probes.

Speaking of royalty...


This is Princess Madeleine of Sweden. She used to party a lot. She aced her art history exams at the University of Stockholm. This concludes this blog entry.

God save the Queen

In perusing the many blogs from his blogroll presented by Kevin White a couple of weeks back, I came across a post from Josh of Quibbles 'n Bits, which talks about 'good government'.

A good government is one that has a peaceful method for its own removal.

Simple. Clearly identifiable. And indisputable.

Austrian everyday reality question - newspapers and soda cans

Why are newspapers in the US sold in boxes that allow the customer access to all the newspapers in the box...


...while soda cans are sold in boxes that dispense only one can of soda at a time?


----------------------------------------------------------------- Read more »

Welcome Instapundit readers

A few words about the blog -

Catallarchy is a blog focusing on economics from the Austrian school perspective, the philosophy of classical liberalism, and popular culture. There are many blogs out in the blogosphere that focus on economics. However, very little attention gets paid to the Austrian framework. The main website on the internet for Austrian resources is, where scholars from around the world engage in study and formally develop Austrian theory. (It has its own blog also). Read more »

Quote of the Day

Remember, they were collectivists

I don't have much to say about 9/11 that won't be said much more eloquently by others. However, I want to remind people, especially libertarians, that the people who planned and carried out the attacks two years ago were barbarians (funny that should need reminding). Read more »

Florida community stifles young entrepreneur

He is an expert landscaper, pulls in $2,500 a month, has a 3.6 GPA, has sent his mother and two aunts on a cruise from his earnings. And he's only 16.

Yet, the homeowners association of a neighborhood called "The Colony" is trying to curb Bishy Tannous's business for among other things, excessive noise, the 'look of his mower', and not being able to get a license for the golf cart he uses to tow his equipment. Read more »

Samizdata Gems

In my recent travels to the UK, I had the chance to chat with a few Samizdatistas, who are as entertaining and witty in real life as they appear on the internet. The topic of highlighting posts on the sidebar, which we obviously do but they do not, came up. It turns out that there is in fact a 'Best of' listing under the category archives, something I had not been aware of. Read more »

A word about the blogroll

When Brian and I were in the planning stages of the blog, the topic of the blogroll came up. We decided to split it up into two parts.

The nominal Blogroll is like any other blogroll found in the blogosphere - it serves simply to link to other blogs. However, its disadvantage is that its usefulness decreases in proportion to its length. Read more »

The fallacy of collective choice

An editorial in today's NY Times critical of NASA's attempt to return to regular space shuttles flights asks some difficult but important questions:

Left unaddressed is the matter of just why the aging shuttles should be kept flying, and whether the program is worth the risk and the cost.[...]

Navajo entrepreneur fights regulation

Even the rez has no escape from red tape for those who try to offer something better. Navajo entrepreneur Michael Nelson is struggling to meet bureaucratic requirements. Some excerpts:

The former shepherd, who was born in a hogan and didn?t learn to speak English until he was sent to boarding school in Fort Wingate, N.M., in the late 1940s, notes that his entry into this world was so rural that he doesn?t have a birth certificate.[...]

More on IP

Francis Porretto of Palace of Reason has written a thoughtful essay on the IP debate from a rights-based perspective, starting from first principles and building up to practical applications of the law.