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What incentives matter most?

Bryan Caplan argues that while a number of people respond to price incentives, one of humans' core motivations is to maintain social normalcy. Or, as he puts it, "people are sheep." Read more »

Penalizing Success

Financial Times: "Microsoft was publicly warned on Monday that it has one more week to comply with the antitrust sanctions imposed by the European Commission last year, or face fines of up to $5m a day." Read more »

Poverty, Debt, Subsidies, and Social Movements

Stephen Pollard, senior fellow at the Centre for a New Europe, criticizes the popular Make Poverty History campaign in a Times op-ed. Read more »

Applied Theory

A humorous post translates the conclusions from Blink, Freakonomics, and other recent best sellers into restaurant advice.

[Hat tip: Tyler Cowen]

Catallarchy Hires Guest Blogger

Boston, MA -- In a move designed to cut labor costs and increase profitability, Catallarchy will begin outsourcing some of its content production, company spokesperson Jonathan Wilde announced Monday. He explained that Catallarchy had already entered a trial phase in which Jonathan Dingel of Exploit the Worker will be contributing a series of posts. Read more »