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so they ‘got all violent’ to ‘make a scene’ and ‘make sure that their voices were heard’. It was kinda like they were simulating

But where would we be without the Rating Agencies?

The Freeloader Problem

This Daily Dish reader raises what (paradoxically) seems like an obvious point, but one that is not often discussed - that even tax paying, middle class Americans are direct benefits of redistributionist policies due to a progressive tax system. I like how he describes himself as a "taker" for benefitting from public services that he doesn't pay his "fair share"* for.

This reasoning I think is flawed from a few perspectives, but most strikingly he seems confused by the idea anyone is a beneficiary of the progressive tax system (and particularly in the form we have today).**

*"Fair" in his sense I gather means ratably according to percentage of gross personal income.

**He is also confused on Socail Security. He comments "Social Security [is] one of the most successful "taker" programs in human history". Besides being an obvious hyperbole (for which I do am sure he is aware), he ignores the fact that nearly every other type of tax on income in the world today is more "taker" than FICA because it doesn't cut off at $90k.