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UN: Tax and Donate

When Neal Boortz isn't occupying so much time covering the 2004 Election (thankfully that rhetoric has died down) and Iraq, he still hits the nail on the head in many other issues, such as his skewering of Jan Egeland. Read more »

Music and Movies of 2004

Taking a break from the socio-political/economics action for a while, I thought I'd offer my choice selections for my top recommended music and films of 2004...

(Not in any real order)

Top 10 Recommended CDs of 2004

1. Jem - "Finally Woken" ... Dido-esque vocals with a dub rhythm and grooving beat. Read more »

Can you hear them now?

My personal favorite quote of the week, from frequent flier Bill Kalmar of Lake Orion, Michigan:

There are so few places these days where we can escape cell phones, pagers, BlackBerrys and CNN. Please let my airline flight be the last comfortable, quiet cocoon that is left to me where I can get lost in my own thoughts.

Bill ain't alone. If the FCC ends a cell phone ban on airlines, count me in among those who aren't looking forward to the flying phone booth in the coming years. Read more »

Army Told to Disband Bases

Salvation Army, that is.

In bell-ringer news this week, Target has announced it will no longer permit the Salvation Army to solicit donations in front of its chain of stores during the holiday season. While I feel that it's an unfortunate move by Target, it is, of course, a private business and it can dictate who can and cannot solicit on its property. Read more »

Not Very Polite

A Democratic Lancaster, Pa. councilman – Nelson Polite – doesn't like the fact that a manager of a baked-goods stand in the town's Central Market displays a photo of George W. Bush. Polite claims that such a photo does not belong in a public place (offering an argument of a separation of state and... uh, state?), and also adds that it "rubs salt into the wounds" of those who didn't vote for Bush. Read more »

Did you hear the one about the blonde protestor...?

If I began telling a blonde joke in Budapest, where I just happened to visit two months ago, it could land me in some legal trouble. Irate blonde protestors (I can’t even type that without mildly chuckling) in Hungary claim they are "being discriminated against in every walk of life".

At one point, the crowd in front of parliament was heard chanting, "We’re blonde, We’re blonde, We’re B.L.O.N... ah, oh well... We’re blonde, We’re blonde, yea yea yea..."

Oops. Uh oh.

Basketbrawl. I\'m Responsible?

There are 5.5 million people who live in the Detroit metropolitan area. Last night at the Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers basketball game, one (likely non-sober) fan decided to toss his cup of beer at Pacers' headcase player Ron Artest. Now we will hear a lot of chatter in the media and talk radio about 'Detroit's Image' and 'Detroit's Black Eye'. ESPN talking heads will drone on and on about 'Detroit Fans'. Read more »

It\'s a Hard Enough Life for Us

Work is hell.

Hugh Grant announced that he may retire from acting, suggesting that "it's so long and boring and so difficult to get right."

Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers asked Coach Carlisle for a month off to rest his aching body from his busy schedule (the NBA season just started), which included promoting his upcoming rap album. Read more »

Florida and Ohio Prove Anti-climactic

Well, I guess one irritant we'll be spared over the next four years is the constant "Bush Stole the Election" mantra often supported by leftists. With Bush winning the popular vote as well as the electoral college, one wonders if Jeneane Garofalo will now change the title of her Air America show Majority Report, which alluded to Al Gore winning the majority popular vote in 2000.

Cathy\'s Closing Comments

Reason's Cathy Young writes about political scare tactics, and delights that the End is Near. Worth a read.

Briefly Weighing In...

Like some of my fellow co-bloggers, I also submitted a vote today and chose among the poor selection offered. I went for the Split Government (a.k.a. Gridlock) Strategy. Even the historically conservative-leaning Detroit News couldn't find it within itself to endorse Bush, or anyone for that matter. Read more »

Today was Election Day

If you want to know who will win the presidential election Tuesday, don't consult a psychic or pour over polls. Look no further than NFL football.

Since 1933, the following has happened when the Washington Redskins play their final home game before Election Day:

1. If the Redskins win, the incumbent in office wins.
2. If the Redskins lose, the incumbent in office loses.

That's 17 elections. Read more »

The Detroit News Chooses Wisely

Stunning a large segment of its readership, The Detroit News has made its selection for their official Presidential Candidate endorsement: None of the Above. Read more »

All in the Family

I've always been confused with the genealogical terminology. But this is, what, ninth cousins once removed?

Caught in a Jam

While I still partake in the occasional movie-going experience, the fun activity of seeing a film on the big screen has become a bit less enjoyable the past few years. The reason, of course, being cell phones. While the occasional cell phone hog (usually of the teenage variety) won't completely ruin my experience, nothing really diverts one's attention away from the action on the screen than the usual sing-song sound of a cell phone, and the quiet but audible gossip-filled conversation that follows. Read more »