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Walken-4-Prez a Hoax

Following up on the chatter regarding a website announcing Christopher Walken's plan to run for President in '08, the L.A. Times reported that it's a hoax today.

In fact, Mr. Walken is a rare Hollywood bird in that he seems quite apolitical: Read more »

Passing the Litmus Test

Islamic extremists set off bombs in Bangladesh. This comes less than a month after a similar terrorist attack in the Philippines.

Not entirely surprising, media coverage of these events has been relatively scant compared to similar attacks that have occurred in London, Madrid, and at a tourist resort frequented by Australians in Bali. Read more »

Randy Canadian

Marc Emery, who got himself in a bit of trouble with the US government for engaging in the business of selling marijuana seeds from Canada (a “crime” generally shrugged at north of the border, but receives long prison sentences here in the US), credits Ayn Rand for his journey from the Left to libertarianism. Read more »

Hot for Teacher - Epilogue

Following up on the story involving Pamela Turner, the 28-year-old teacher who had sex with one of her 13-year-old male students: She was just sentenced to 9-months jail and 8-years probation.

More photos of the teacher that lucky little punk got here.

NIMBY vs. Big Box

Today’s Detroit News gives an account of a grassroots organization (Citizens for Orderly Growth) in the Michigan town of Independence Township who are begging – yes, begging – the local government to tax the whole town in order to 'protect' them against "sprawl", "big-box stores" and what has apparently become Satan to the anti-business Left – Wal-Mart. Read more »

Arrtist Hoo Kan Spel – Revisited

Maria Alquilar, the bitter and unrepentant Miami artist who delivered a rash of misspellings in the mural she designed for a public library last year, finally returned to fix up her mistakes yesterday (for an additional $6,000 fee on top of the $40,000 she already received to do the initial bad job, that is).

Ye Olde Cryme Beat

In the faire land of Michigan:

ROYAL OAK, Mich. -- Officers used a stun gun to take a Royal Oak man into custody after he attempted to fight them off with medieval weaponry, according to police.

Before ye know it, the Sword-Chain-Gauntlet Control peple will becuman upset.

A Mountain of Trouble

And now, deep thoughts by Iranian President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad...

Is there art that is more beautiful, more divine, and more eternal than the art of martyrdom?


The message of the (Islamic) Revolution is global, and is not restricted to a specific place or time. It is a human message, and it will move forward.

Slant or No Slant?

You be the judge. From Reuters

The blast, which highlighted the effectiveness of makeshift bombs against the most powerful military in the world, was the second major attack against Marines in the Haditha area in the past three days.

(bold mine)

Wow, the Little Insurgency That Could!

I'm not sure, but there does seem to be a certain snide/sarcastic element that oozes from the piece. Of course, Reuters' reporters may just be trying to dole out praise in order to avoid any dire fates. Read more »

Addressing Aid and Self-Reliance

Out of Africa:

"When aid money keeps coming, all our policy-makers do is strategize on how to get more," said the Kenya-based director of the Inter Region Economic Network, an African think tank.

"They forget about getting their own people working to solve these very basic problems. In Africa, we look to outsiders to solve our problems, making the victim not take responsibility to change."

No Excuses

Mona Eltahawy has lost her patience with the jihadists and wishy-washy clerics.

Cinema Comeback?

After Hollywood's lackluster first half of 2005, at both the box office and in the quality department, there seems to be a spurt of good releases out there. Though I haven't seen Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and War of the Worlds as of yet, they are on the list. And both have received positive reviews (and fresh tomatoes). Read more »

Understanding Their Grievances

If the US pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, will terrorism go away?

If Spain would've just kept their handful of soldiers home, will terrorism go away?

If Israel pulled behind the so-called 1967 borders, will terrorism go away?

If young men are unconvinced that the reward for killing innocents en masse is the services of 72 virgins and a luxury suite in Heaven, will terrorism go away? Read more »

London Hit Again

BBC report.

What Would the Religious Right Do?

In a Reason Hit & Run piece, Nick Gillespie passed along news from India concerning hard-line Islamic clerics who are ordering a woman raped by her father-in-law to nullify the 10-year-old marriage to her husband, and marry the rapist. Read more »