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Sweet and Tender Hooligan

About 20 years ago, I recall comedian Jay Leno commenting on how European press was criticizing the film Rambo for being too violent for movie-goers, to which he suggested that Rambo wear a soccer uniform in the film to be more acceptable to their public. Read more »

UN PC Police to the Rescue

Following up on Randall's post regarding cartoons of Muhammed in a Danish newspaper and the sadly predictable violent backlash against it, it seems that the UN "experts on racism" has grabbed the opportunity to condemn the freedom of speech. Read more »

Canada Begs Bush: No War with Aliens

President Bush has commented recently on illegal aliens. But someone in Canada has a different idea when it comes to aliens. From last week, Canadian politican and groups concerned about American interstellar imperialism: Read more »

The Dominos, They Are A-Fallin\'

Why do I like Che? I like Che because he fought for equality, for justice.


By now, you may have heard of a program called the Kalamazoo Promise during the past week. Read more »

Nissan Awakes from California Dreaming

According to a recent study released by the Public Policy Institute of California, the flight of businesses from the state due to a hostile business climate is "mostly myth."

Maybe so. But Nissan Motor Co. is feeling the Cali sting and is hitting the road eastbound to Music City. Read more »

France: Wine, Anchorwomen, and Song

The Battle of Beautiful Newscasters:
France 1 USA 0

(Thanks to kurlander)

More wonderful Melissa Theuriau visuals here. Read more »

French Toast

Things continue to get worse for the French, with rioting entering its tenth day and spreading not only towards the central city, but sprouting up in other French major cities as well.

Seems as though they hate cars a lot, with the tally now up to 1,300 automobiles meeting their grisly fate. There have also been racaille (using Nicolas Sarkozy's appropriate term) who have burned down nursery schools, paramedic vehicles, and - of course - McDonalds. Read more »

Mile High

Denver residents voted to legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults.

Great news for choice-loving proponents (though will the approval see the light of day?).

The article also mentions that some argued that "legalizing marijuana would reduce consumption of alcohol". For those who are more knowledgeable about these things than I am... Is that true? And if so, how?

Trouble in \'Paris\'dise

Riots consumed the downtrodden suburbs of Paris for the sixth consecutive night (coverage here, here, and here), borne out of two youths (or is it "yutes"?) who electrocuted themselves on an electric fence while allegedly fleeing police. Read more »

Nutt to replace Johnson with Dick to take on Cocks

Continuing on the college football theme...

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Casey Dick, a freshman quarterback who's seen no action in Razorback games this year because he's been redshirted, will start for Arkansas against South Carolina on Saturday, coach Houston Nutt said.


The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

If you were in Caracas last night, you probably didn't see too many costume parties or kids dressed as ghosts.

The nationalist-socialist Hugo Chavez, Fidel's Apprentice, urged Venezuelan parents not to let their children participate in Halloween. The foreign custom, he says, is part of the U.S. culture of terror "putting fear into other nations, putting fear into their own people."

Real-World Halloween Monsters

I guess 'Shock-tober' would seem like the appropriate month to witness an above-average amount of genocidal-maniac spewing. After all, what would a month of scary monsters, ghouls, and ghosts be without individuals expressing their desire to off an entire race/ethnicity of peoples?

The recently-elected President of (soon-to-be nuclear) Iran called for his desire to see Israel "wiped off the map", and reaffirmed his desire while present at a hate rally. Read more »

\"This All We Get?\"

Dependency in action:

Two days after Hurricane Wilma, Floridians were waiting in long lines for hours on Wednesday to get basic necessities such as water, ice and gasoline.

Thousands of frustrated North Miami residents stood in line for nearly 12 hours Tuesday for a bag of ice and three bottles of water.

Government-Subsidized Lap Dances

To each according to their need, indeed.

Seems as though Katrina evacuees spent their federal government relief checks on babes, booties, and booze on Cape Cod.

Your tax dollars at work:

Hurricane Katrina evacuees hastily handed $2,000 in federal relief money last month have been living it up on Cape Cod, blowing cash on booze and strippers, a Herald investigation has found.