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Kids do the darnedest things!

Maybe it's summer fever. Maybe it's graduation or end of the school year. But whatever it is, I noticed a couple of kids-gone-wild stories in the Southeast Michigan newsbriefs today. One involved a 17-year-old honor roll student, who was already offered a college scholarship, deciding to hold up a McDonalds for a few bucks. Good thing for drive-through headsets, or it would've taken a few more days to catch these hooligans. Read more »

The Giveaway

Neal Boortz slammed the following opinion blurb from the Knoxville News-Sentinel in his June 9 column:

Don't expect any new tax bill to pass Congress giving low-income families their fair share. High-income taxpayers will get the lion's share of the $350 billion tax package President Bush signed into law. Congress at the last minute excluded 6.5 million from the lower tax rungs to cut costs.

Matrix not showing at the Cairo cineplex

In the Censorship file today, we find that Egypt will not be showing the film Matrix Reloaded at the neighborhood cinemas. Evidently, aside from the violence, the film ponders religious topics a bit too much. More specifically, it's been called too "Zionist" for the masses. And this is one of the more so-called moderate Middle Eastern countries. Read more »

Album review - Massive Attack's <i>100th Window</i>

This is my first music review for Catallarchy. Every once in a while, I'll post a music review of either something I bought recently, or something highly recommendable that may not be so new.

This one is Massive Attack's 100th Window album, and was released a few months ago on Virgin Records... Read more »

Cut the deck

Looking around the sports landscape lately, it appears that playing the race card has heated up in recent times. Months ago, the Detroit Lions were made to look as villians for tabbing caucasian-born Steve Mariucci for their next head coach. In addition, Venus and Serena Williams' father has gone on quite a tear playing the race card in full force in describing the current climate of womens' tennis. Read more »

Meddling north of the border

From a news release not too long ago...

The Bush administration is hinting that it could make it more difficult for Canadian goods to get into this country if Canada's Parliament moves ahead with a proposal to drop criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Read more »