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Movie and album review - <i>Whale Rider</i>

The Whale Rider is a film from New Zealand, and has won many film festival awards in Toronto, Sundance, and Rotterdam. The story's background centers around a Maori family/tribe in which the mythology is that their first ancestor, Paikea, arrived on the back of a whale. Since then, each generation has founded a new chief in their first born son.

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Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe, a suburb of Detroit, restricts its parks to only residents of the city (unless non-residents are brought in as guests), and is also used as a selling point to draw people into moving into the city. The public city parks are maintained and funded by hefty property taxes on the residents of Grosse Pointe. Read more »

Wrist slapped in Ohio

Neal Boortz pointed out this nugget of a news-story in his Tuesday column...

A teenage girl in Ohio - driving on a suspended license - speeds, loses control of her car, and kills the four other teenagers riding in the car with her. Moreover, none were wearing seat belts.

Her punishment? Some community service.

The credit card binge

Evidently, upon leaving the parents' home to go to college, kids are getting worse in keeping a level head with credit cards and plunging into debt.

"The vast majority of students graduating from high school are ill-prepared to face even the basic challenges of financial management -- credit cards, car loans -- even how to budget," said Kim Kindschi, deputy executive vice president of Wisconsin Bankers Association in Madison.

Your tax dollars at 'work'

Mr. McSweegan has the dream job. He is a scientist at the National Institute of Health, and makes $100,000 per year. However, he openly admits he does next to nothing (cue Office Space quotes), and fills his eight-hour days "by reading, exercising and writing fiction." He should schedule some time for blogging, perhaps?
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McDonald's and the lawsuit merry-go-round

Seems after being held blame for forcing people to enter their restaurants and consume their food, McDonald's seems intent on entering the business of frivolous lawsuits.

Last month, it was announced that McDonald's is suing a Milan food critic for $25 million, claiming a poor review is hurting their business. Fortunately, critical words of fast food will likely not be enough to award the restaurant chain a dime. That's what critics do... criticize. Read more »

Album Review - Radiohead's <i>Hail To The Thief</i>

Radiohead burst onto the scene in 1993, fueled by the song 'Creep', with Thom Yorke's wrenching vocals and Jon Greenwood's guitar bursts. Both Pablo Honey and The Bends placed Radiohead as one of the most successful UK rock acts in the States during the 1990s, with songs including singles 'High and Dry' and 'Fake Plastic Trees'. Read more »

Chambless: "What about prostitution, drugs?"

Jack Chambless writes an opinion column for the Orlando Sentinel, and describes himself as married, Christian, and heterosexual. In this good read from July 1, he is also supportive of the Supreme Court decision on gay rights, and wonders aloud when the same privacy laws will extend to prostitution and drugs. Read more »

Salute to Whit Stillman

Film-maker Whit Stillman wrote three films throughout the 1990s. They were Metropolitan (1990), Barcelona (1994), and Last Days of Disco (1998). Although Last Days of Disco created a bigger splash, all three were considered independent films, Metropolitan being my favorite. Sadly, nothing seems to be in the works for a future release. Stillman's films were very dialogue-heavy and often contained wry cerebral humor in a very Frasier-like way. Read more »

Steel tariffs of '02 costing suppliers' jobs

With Bush's steel tariffs enacted last year on imported steel, the automotive suppliers have felt the pinch. While the barely-competitive US steel companies and unions cheered the intervention, the negative aftershock on the automotive suppliers (which isn't much of a surprise) have been realized.

The following article is from the Automotive News. I haven't provided a link because of the registration required, but here is the "copy n' paste": Suppliers: Steel tariffs have cost jobs
Some are shifting production overseas to avoid extra cost

By Terry Kosdrosky
June 23, 2003 Read more »

An Onion classic

Some humor for this Wednesday: The satircal weekly newspaper the Onion had an article last November entitled "Marxists' Apartment a Microcosm Of Why Marxism Doesn't Work". I already know a few of you have read this piece before, but I figured some passers-by might enjoy it. The Onion is consistently funny in its satire on various topics and current events.

Album review: Delerium's <i>Chimera</i>

Today was the release of Delerium's new release Chimera, and being the longtime fan of the electronic duo, I made sure I stopped by the store and picked up my copy today.

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Society takes the blame again

Several days ago, a motorcyclist was spotted speeding and running stop signs through Benton Harbor, MI, so a police officer gave chase. The motorcyclist drove over 100 miles per hour, crashed into the side of a building, and died. The motorcyclist and the officer were of different racial backgrounds. Two days of riots in Benton Harbor ensued. Read more »

6-year-old entrepreneur busted

Here is how Naples law enforcement resources were utilized Wednesday: A 6-year-old girl in Naples, FL, had her small lemonade stand shut down by police because she didn’t have a temporary business permit. Forget the police for a moment. I’m even more curious about the bitter mind of the neighbor who called the police on her, and why this neighbor believed lemonade was enough to distract officers from more serious 'crimes'. Read more »

Shock jocks dupe Castro

A pair of Miami DJs were apparently successful in a prank phone call to Cuban totalitarian Fidel Castro. Also using snippets of Chavez, the DJs were able to convince Castro that it was Venezuelan President Chavez talking to him. The 'money line' was when one of the DJs tore into Castro, calling him a murderer. At that point, Castro lost it and called him every name in the book. Pretty funny. Read more »