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Quotables from the dark side

Here are a couple random quotes from a thread today on Democratic Underground, a website and message board popular among Democrats and leftists:

A little tip on how to socialize health care...

Obviously, health care cannot be free. But we can put more of the costs on those who make more money. They may not want to pay more, but we can MAKE THEM pay more.

Tax A or Tax B

The Associated Press conducted a poll to gauge opinion about the proposed expenditure on the space program. The poll contained five questions with a sample size of 1,000. One of the questions read as follows: Read more »

Libertarian Heroes of '03

Radly Balko selects his libertarian heroes of 2003, which also happened to include my favorite congressman, Ron Paul. With federal spending at an all-time high, it’s no wonder our current President did not make the short list. Read more »

Brits ask for freedom, politician dismayed

Reading Nealz Nuze this morning, I learned that BBC Radio 4 - with the blessing of the Labour Party - allowed its listeners to submit which issue they would most like to see introduced into future legislation consideration in the British Parliament. Unusual as this idea is, the radio network received over 10,000 entries, and narrowed it all down to the Top Five. So, which law won? Read more »

Bad Santa, or Bad ACLU?

Giving credit where credit is due, the BBC’s Clare Murphy gives a balanced overview on the annual controversy that brews in America during the holiday season. The controversies, of course, regard the extent of which the separation of church and state plays a role during the holiday season in public schools. Read more »

The First Rule of Blame

When in doubt, sue everyone.

Spam imperialism

Boost your sex life with viagra! ... Work from home, make lots of $$$ ... Get your degree on-line now! ... Hot XXX action ...

[Delete] [Delete] [Delete]

We’ve all seen these, or a variation of these, on email subject lines. You probably receive anywhere from a few of these 'spams' per week, or perhaps dozens per day. Read more »

Movie Review: <i>Bad Santa</i>

OK. I’ll start right off by saying that Bad Santa, although starting out with some promise and laughs, unfortunately wound up being a pretty Bad Movie. Read more »

Loo Affirmative Action

It must be a slow month around the New York City Council. Council members are introducing a bill to set aside more women's bathrooms than men's in most buildings, including arenas, theaters, and stadiums. It seems they've noticed that the female line is usually longer - much longer - than the male line queued up for restrooms, so the government is now accepting the plight of the potty deprived by requiring specific toilet-to-gender ratios. Read more »

Second Amendment saves man, daughter

Looks like an armed robber chose the wrong man to rob near Atlanta this week.

The fallacy of the living wage

On occasion I browse some various student newspapers' opinion and editorial columns to get a glimpse of what is transpiring within the minds of college students today (and most of it is quite depressing). However, I came across a good, albeit not the most well-written, column by University of Kansas senior Arrah Nielsen in the Kansan. Read more »

Prague-matic leadership

Czech President Vaclav Klaus warns of the dire consequences of Europe's "dream world of welfare, long vacations, guaranteed high pensions and cradle-to-grave social security." He also fears the erosion of freedoms that come with layers of regulations. Perhaps we can tweak the rules a bit, and draft Mr. Klaus to run for the U.S. Presidency in 2004?

The quagmire of war

Although, in this case, I'm not referring to Iraq.

I'm referring to a trade war, born out of Bush's decision to slap a 30% tariff on imported steel in order to placate the domestic steel unions a couple years ago. One of the many negative side-effects is now about to come true: The Europeans are considering enacting trade tariffs of their own, making many American imported goods harder to sell overseas. Read more »

Does the First Amendment apply to college campuses?

Via a story referenced in Neal Boortz' column today, I came across a USA Today article on conservative students and student groups on today’s college campuses, and how many of these students are finding freedom of speech and press difficult to come by. Read more »

California bill may drive wedge in collegiate sports

As if rampant tax-and-spending and mismanaged forest fires weren’t enough to keep the powers in Sacramento occupied, two Democratic senators in California believe college student-athletes deserve even more perks than are allowed under NCAA regulations, ranging from stipends to agents to health insurance. And the arm of government is ready to provide a greater helping hand at the taxpayer expense. The passage of the state government’s bill could result in the universities being banned from NCAA competition. Read more »