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Iraqi Futbol

Without the fear of Odai's torture chambers had they lost, the Iraqis played more relaxed... and upset Portugal 4-2.

Maybe next time, they\'ll think twice.

Five guys with knives tried to carjack a guy in Detroit early this morning. Maybe they didn't count on the guy having a gun. Now two of the would-be carjackers are being served hospital food, while the other three are sitting in a jail cell.

I do enjoy happy endings.

Hollywood outsourcing jobs overseas

Lewd shirt, no service

On an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York, a man, Oscar Arela, was wearing a shirt considered obscene by the airline. The shirt depicted a woman's naked breast. And, refusing to change or turn it inside-out, he and his girlfriend were booted off the flight faster than you can say "Janet Jackson".

The knee-jerk reaction by the couple is that their constitutional right to free speech was violated. Read more »

Immigrant Song (and Subsidy)

I read on Boortz' column today that the US granted citizenship to 7,000 Russian Muslims who will be settling in Pennsylvania. The newcomers will be treated to housing, furniture, English-language courses, and life-long welfare allowances paid for by US taxpayers.

Two things immediately come to mind: Read more »


World-renowned chess player Bobby Fischer is currently being detained by Japan's immigration authorities, with possible deportation to the United States. Fischer is being charged with violating international sanctions against Yugoslavia in 1992 by attending a chess match in that year there. Read more »

Meet the New Boss

Not quite the same as the old boss. Read more »

Laughter = Best Medicine

A funny bit circulating around the 'net... (click on photo)


Left Coastin'

The dog (and elephant and donkey) days of summer are certainly upon us in this national election year, with ugly politics making their way into the headlines on a near-daily basis, with the more-colorful events involving members of Hollywood's finest. Read more »

Quote of the Day

"...I greatly resent being bullied and slurred by [Michael Moore] in interviews just because he didn't get what he wanted from me. It seems to me that this aspect of his nature is not unlike that of the powerful and wilful man at the centre of his new documentary."

-- Pete Townshend

Report: Scientists Still Seeking Cure for Obesity


The Onion takes on the Choice Police.

What will Teresa Heinz think?

Funny stuff from Matt Drudge.

Well, I guess it beats White House interns...

The Enemy of my Enemy...

It seems that the Michigan Democrats aren't too happy with the idea of Ralph Nader crashing the party... with the help of the Republicans.

Paraphrasing Democratic Executive Chairman Mark Brewer: "Hey, it's not like we're trying to get Libertarians on the state ballot! Why can't them GOPers play fair and keep our own two-party club intact?"

The Eternal Question

We've all thought about this Question at various points in our lives. In this particular instance, I'm not talking about life, God, extraterrestrials, or ancestors. In this case...

What would you do if you won $290 million dollars in a lottery?

After the taxation, your cut would be approximately $90 million, still more green than a square mile of the Amazon rain forest. The Mega Millions jackpot was among the largest in history Friday. Read more »

Crime ≠ Punishment

In Michigan, they're trying to reform the Michigan Sex Offenders Registry, and not a moment too soon. As it currently stands, an 18-year-old who had engaged in consensual sex with a 15-year-old is listed on the Registry for 25 years "in full view of anyone with an Internet connection". The age of consent in Michigan is 16 years old. Read more »