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2004 Election Guide a la Onion

The only election guide you'll need to get through November 2nd. :grin:

Victory for Personal Responsibility in Michigan

I'm pleased to announce that there was some common sense displayed by my home state's government today.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (Dem) signed a bill today that bans lawsuits against the food industry for 'making people fat'. The bill was introduced by Rep. David Palsrok (Repub), who said that "I think it sends an important message to people in Michigan when it comes to issues of personal health and obesity ... Folks have to take personal responsibility for their actions." Read more »

Wanted: Arrtist hoo kan spel

A California library spent $40,000 of city tax dollars for a ceramic mural featuring dozens of famous historical figures. The artist, Maria Alquilar, misspelled 11 of the names, including Einstein and Michelangelo. The city then spent another $6,000, plus expenses, to fly in the same artist to fix the spelling errors. Moral of the story: Do sloppy work, then get paid even more to fix it up. Read more »

Beastie Care

Perusing through a recent copy of Rolling Stone, I came across a section devoted to various musicians giving their anti-Bush comments and opinions on the upcoming elections. Granted, some comments were well-founded (check out Moby), while others were simply out in left field (pun intended).

I held back a snicker when I read the commentary by Adam Horovitz, member of the Beastie Boys: Read more »

Returning property to rightful owner... \"mugging\"?

"Should be called not 'tax cut', but mugging of the poor, elderly and working classes and of America itself."

- David Graham, a voter, answering the obviously loaded and biased question in a Detroit News cybersurvey: "Do you feel the federal tax cuts were worth the reduction in job-training programs, college financial grants and services for the working poor, such as assistance in housing, child care and food?"

Oh, where to begin... :no:

Government Gridlock. Literally.

Roads were blocked and awkward traffic jams developed, as today marked the seventh annual car-free day campaign in participating cities across Europe, Japan, and South America.

Weighty Issue

Jerry Schwarz of the Associated Press reports on all the "fat" insults directed to Michael Moore by those who sit opposite the political aisle from him. Moreover, Marilyn Wann, author of the book FAT!SO?, claims the Republicans are "behaving exactly like the third-grade bullies who tormented me as a child". Read more »

Doug\'s bio

Doug Allen lives in suburban Detroit (Macomb County) and works as a market research analyst/consultant in the automotive industry. He obtained a BBA in marketing from Western Michigan University, and went on to Oakland University for an MBA with a concentration in International Business. Academia and general life experiences have shaped his outlook to favor limited government intrusion in people's daily lives, and the promotion of freedom and individual character. While he’s not a hard-core libertarian, he firmly fits into the "socially liberal / fiscal conservative" bucket. Read more »

Not again...



Welcome to the Jungle

Given its position as the leading opponent to the US-led war on Iraq, the paper says, "France could have hoped to be spared this cruel ordeal".

Goodbye IRS, Hello NST?

I've noticed more chatter lately about the notion of launching a national sales tax along with the elimination of the federal income tax. Still catching up on the details behind it all, but Neal Boortz provides his own detail - complete with hypothetical case examples - of the idea (an idea that would likely never see the light of day) on Townhall.

Didn\'t Abe Lincoln get rid of this?

Holy Toledo!

Eminent Domain abuse du jour:

The City of Toledo is giving a small auto-repair shop until midnight to vacate property at the edge of DaimlerChrysler AG's Jeep plant so one of the town's biggest employers can have more space around its sprawling facility and build a new entrance for trucks.

The land, once owned by Kim and Herman Blankenship for Kim's Auto & Truck Service Inc., is being seized by the city under eminent domain and turned over to DaimlerChrysler for economic development.

The \"G\" Word

Here we go again.

After every natural disaster, the logical laws of supply and demand get removed out of the American psyche. Instead, just like clockwork, typing in "gouging" and "Hurricane Charley" into Google will net more than enough results to keep one occupied all morning.

From this Washington Times article: Read more »

Some Like It Hot

A headline in an MSNBC article warns us of more heat waves, and makes several references to a hot spell that occurred in Chicago "in recent years".

"More"? Those of us in the Midwest are still searching for our first one of the year. Read more »