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The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

From the BBC:

France hopes to soften hostile attitudes towards capitalism by promoting financial know-how and greater enterprise through the media.


[Some senior ministers] are worried about what they see as an over-reliance on the state and a lack of entrepreneurial dynamism.

Bonnes nouvelles.


I'm torn.

When Marilyn Mostek, a senior living in a subsidized apartment, heard she could save $20 on a carton of cigarettes by ordering from an out-of-state Indian reservation, she thought she had found a clever way to save money.

Booted from Buffet

While we are on the subject of food today...

Had the amusement of reading about a Des Moines family that was kicked out of a Chinese buffet restaurant for wasting too much food.

Says employee Lin Huyen: "They just take one bite and throw it away. They take four egg rolls and crab rangoon, take one bite of egg roll and throw the whole plate. That is wasting food." Read more »

Brangelina Shrugged

Says Variety:

Ayn Rand's most ambitious novel may finally be brought to the bigscreen after years of false starts.

Lionsgate has picked up worldwide distribution rights to "Atlas Shrugged" from Howard and Karen Baldwin ("Ray"), who will produce with John Aglialoro.

Old Mugabe Had a Farm

Karma made a visit to Zimbabwe, as Mugabe suddenly realizes that violent government takeover of white Zimbabwean farms six years ago might've been an ill-conceived idea.

Also... photos of Chavez-Mugabe thuglove here.

Don\'t Tread on Heff

Keeping you "abreast" of the situation in Indonesia: Skin mags are causing quite a stir.

Rioting over cartoons is, like, so last season.

(OK, to be fair, the disturbances for the Playboy were obviously mild and small compared to the cartoon fiasco - at least for now - and some Indonesians were understandably disappointed that their magazine editions actually don't contain nude photos)

American Dreaming

Late night musings:

I’ll be the first to admit that I have mixed feelings about illegal immigration, immigration laws, border patrolling and the like. Furthermore, I won’t claim to know the exact ins-and-outs of the current laws with regard to immigration and what D.C. has up its sleeve for “stopping” the flow of illegals into the US. Read more »

C\'est La Vie

And in the 'Least Surprising News of the Week' department, France caved in to the student protestors (rioters).

911 Is a Joke

Madness in Motown:

Five-year-old Robert Turner's mother had collapsed on the floor, and he was scared, but he knew what to do. He called 911 for help.

Even so, the Detroit boy was twice scolded by a dispatcher who told him to stop playing around.



A study out of UC Berkeley (where else?) claims that "resilient, self-reliant" toddlers grow up to become liberals.

Unless the penchant for self-reliance goes awry as they grow into adulthood, maybe they're talking about this kind of liberals.

French Street Unrest du Jour

France can't seem to get a break lately. Fresh off Parisian suburban violence in November, we turn our attention to student mayhem over a proposed government bill that will "allow" businesses to fire young workers within two years of hiring. The root of these recent disturbances is, of course, the insistence of entitlement.

Says Thomas Sowell: Read more »

At the Brink

In an event that should probably get more widespread media coverage, a massive demonstration took place in Bahrain against sectarian Shia-Sunni violence yesterday. Gateway Pundit has coverage and plenty of good links and photos.

More from the BBC on the fragile situation following the shrine bombing in Iraq, as well as some reaction. Read more »

Mountain of Awards

Brokeback Mountain is getting so many Oscar award nominations tomorrow night because its two main lead characters are homosexual men. Replace one of the men with a woman - keeping the same script, same direction, same production - and this film recieves mixed reviews, is blandly referred to as a "chick flick", does so-so at the box office, and would already be collecting dust on the Blockbuster Video shelves.

There. I said it. Read more »

Promises, Redux

Back in November, I talked about the Kalamazoo Promise, a local program in Kalamazoo, MI, where wealthy donors committed to paying each Kalamazoo high school student's college tuition. Read more »

We Can Handle The Truth

The Boston Phoenix gives us a refreshingly and brutally honest editorial on why they won't reprint the Mother of All Cartoons.

There are three reasons not to publish the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed with his turban styled as a bomb ... and the other images that have sparked violent protests and deaths throughout Europe, the Middle East, West Asia, and Indonesia: