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Site Specific Browser Lockups

Am I the only one who is experiencing a large increase in the probability of browser lockups at specific sites in the last week?

XP SP2 , IE6

For example, yesterday morning, Cafe Hayek repeatedly locked up on a particular story, and then that story disappeared, and things were back to normal.

Try currently locks up.

Future Headline

Bush Promises Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Milk Fuel Mandate.

Beginning in 2010, all new cars must be able to run on milk and not get in excess of 20 mpg.

Opportunity Cost, Again, Rev 2

We have two jars. The left one is clear and contains $100 in $1 dollar bills. The right one is opaque and contains between 1 and 99 $1 bills with a uniform probability of 1 in 99 for each possible count.

A fair coin is flipped to choose between the left jar (heads) and the right jar (tails).

If the coin comes up tails, then the opportunity cost in dollars of the choice of the right hand jar is $100, the contents of the left hand jar. Read more »

Opportunity Cost, Again

You have a choice between an envelope containing a $100 bill and a jar containing 99 $1 bills. What is the opportunity cost, expressed in dollars, of choosing the envelope containing the $100 bill?

Explain your answer.

Failure to provide a serious answer is a negative externality requiring a $1M spam tax.

Why Has Price Inflation Accelerated?

Assume without proof that price inflation has accelerated over the past couple of years, although the supply of money and credit have been growing significantly for a much longer time. At least that is what I have been seeing in the grocery store. Read more »

Exactly How is Chinese Ownership of US Debt a Problem?

To hear many people tell it, one of the modern near-catastrophes of the world is for the US to become indebted to China as it uses its reserve dollars resulting from a US goods trade deficit to buy US Government debt.

However, they don't seem to realize that the government borrows each year to make up for the difference between tax receipts and government spending. Is China responsible for this fiscal deficit? No. Read more »

The Minimum Wage and a Tale of Two Islands

This is a fictional tale and has no connection to reality whatever.

Take two imaginary Pacific islands, long-neglected colonies of the US, with isolated economies.

Island A uses real US dollars for money and all of its wages fall between $8 and $16 per hour.

Island B also uses real US dollars for money and all of its wages fall between $3 and $6 per hour. Read more »

Ethanol Disaster

Ethanol Disaster

Soaring demand for corn to make ethanol could trigger higher U.S. food prices and riots in low-income countries as grain supplies tighten, according to a report released Thursday.

The government has vastly underestimated the amount of corn needed to fuel the demand for ethanol, according to the report from Lester Brown, a researcher and president of the Earth Policy Institute, an environmental think tank in Washington.

Not a Charter School?

The Harker School (tuition)

Tuition & Financial Aid
As with most independent schools, tuition at Harker covers significantly less than the actual cost of each child's education. Every year, support from Annual Fund contributions from parents, alumni/ae, and friends make a Harker education possible for every one of our students.

Grade Tuition

Financial Aid

Outrage of the Day

From Hit and Run

Tuscon also seizes automobiles from individuals who transport individuals for medical care without first checking their citizenship status.

Interactive World Chart

Chart or Video Game, referenced from here?

Challenge : find the strangest result.

Congress Resumes Nuclear Testing in the Pacific

Whether from careless ignorance, or calculated evil, Congress is about to drop a weapon of mass destruction on Saipan, the primary island of the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), home to about 70,000 defenseless and innocent people.

They will become the guinea pigs for an experiment every bit as destructive as a nuclear weapon, an increase in the minimum wage of 137%, from $3.05 to $7.25 in just four years. The US is every bit as tyrannical an imperial power over island colonies as any in history. Read more »

More Minimum Wage Stupidity

The Minimum Wage and the Pacific Islands

It is bad enough when it is thought that a single Federal Minimum Wage can be appropriately applied to both Mississippi and metropolitan New York, but it is a whole other level of mindlessness to apply the same level to a Pacific island.

It is not much of a further step to say that islands with different currencies should all have a minimum wage of the same numerical value in the local currency. Read more »

Detroit (not so) Big Three Begging Again

Now it's batteries. With the Federal development dollars, even assuming that they produce any results at all, come the regulation strings that enable even more protectionism in the future.

US Submarine Rams Rising Sun Tanker


Who lost the WWII struggle for oil anyway? Did the Newport News have a DEA agent aboard? Do the forfeiture laws apply if he can plant drugs aboard the tanker?