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Open Source Doomed?!?

Megan McArdle over at Tech Central Station thinks Open Source software may be doomed. Megan's thesis is primarily based on the current SCO v. IBM litigation, but she admits to and weaves into her argument a lack of understanding on how open source software can become popular and displace traditional software in the market. Read more »

Refusenik Airlines

The airlines are refusing to share data with the federal government. In response, the TSA may issue a security directive to force the airlines to share this data.

Transportation Security Administration Chief Administrator James Loy said Friday if no airlines voluntarily provide data for a 180-day testing period of the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II) scheduled for later this year, he will issue a security directive mandating the airlines provide the information.

Another step for XCOR

XCOR has met another milestone in its quest for developing the technologies for the horizontal takeoff and landing spaceship Xerus. The usual turbopump solution, such as the ones used in the Saturn V and Shuttle Main Engine, is inefficient for smaller engines. XCOR needs a pump that is light weight and efficient to get Xerus off the ground and into space. Read more »

Bowling - The new way


So what do you get when you take a bunch of bowling balls, a length of steel sewer pipe, and add a few ounces of Pyrodex(tm) powder? Artillery of some sort, and it sure looks fun.

Read more »

For Sale: One Country Like New

Iraq for Sale.

Regime free, completely demolished and ready for reconstruction. This country is for auction to a private owner because I just cannot afford paying higher taxes to support the 80-90 billion dollars in reconstruction costs. I will accept money orders only. Please no personal checks. Shipping internationally or domestically is out of the question. Feel free to email me with any questions. BONUS - Iraqi residents come free with purchase of country. Serious bidders only.

Freeing markets in Iraq?

I really must learn to get myself fully updated on the news before I post blog entries. According to this article from the BBC the coalition authorities are already freeing up the infrastructure type markets, allowing foreign investment. This could be a good thing. Unfortunately, there is no mention of what types of restrictions there will be. If this is like NAFTA opening free trade via thousands of pages of trade restrictions, then it will do little if any good. Read more »

Appeal Unanimous

California is going to have an October recall after all. Reuters reports here.We now return to more appealing subjects here.

Winning Iraq

It seems every morning I wake up to news of another handful of coalition forces being killed and injured, looting on the rise (and I mean looting rather than claiming Saddam's former possessions), and other indications that the Iraqis aren't all that civillized. But what about the stories I've linked to and commented on in the past suggesting that the Iraqis were creating their own catallarchy, the civil order of market based society? What is going on? Read more »

9/12 - The next day

Two years and one day after the tragedy, it is time to reevaluate our responses. If it was in fact an attack on our freedom then is our freedom any better served or has it been trampled? If it was instead a retribution for some slight, real or imagined, have we done anything to bridge our differences? Above all, no matter the motive of the attackers, have we found the attackers and sought restitution, sought justice? Have we learned anything? Read more »

Ever wonder why Californians have recalls?

Wonder no more, what with all the problems that California faces, our wondrous governor has taken stand on this:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California Governor Gray Davis, seeking to bolster his low popularity a month before a recall vote against him, has came out against dirty toilets in schools.

Sun is a little darker today

Bill Joy, number 2 man at Sun Microsystems, has announced he is leaving Sun to pursue other interests. We'll miss his presence at Sun, and look forward to seeing him pursue those other interests. Good Luck Bill.

Terms of the debate

Alex over at Samizdata brings up the Intellectual Property debate, and it looks like Alex and his commenters have accepted the premises and framing given them by the two sides of collectivists and picked sides. Read more »

Columbia Accident Report, part 1

I have been trying to read the Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report, but having the obvious pointed out over 248 pages is not holding my attention.

The first problem is shown on page 17 of the pdf:


How many administrators, associate administrators, managers, and bureaucrats does it take to give seven people a great joy ride and do a little science? Read more »

Cool website and blog

My previous entry about the New Horizons mission to Pluto was inspired by a couple of emails. A private response to an email list posting led me to a cool website and blog. Keep up the good work Kirsten!

Pluto Mission Dead

Before going off on vacation, Congress decided to not fund the New Horizons mission to Pluto. As a space buff I'd like to see the mission fly. A 2006 launch allows the mission to use Jupiter for a gravity assist, shaving years off the travel time. There are a lot of things about Pluto that we do not know and a mission to Pluto would give us an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal about our solar system.

As a man of clear and simple morals I can not support government funding for the mission. Read more »