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Going to the Moon and Mars

James Lileks has a dream that John T. Kennedy, Billy Beck, Tibor Machan, and I dislike. (How's that for understatement!). Rather than restate their arguments, I will mention that I am in total agreement and concentrate on my own vision for going to the Moon and Mars. Read more »

Private Property Amendments in Chinese Constitution

I just returned from dinner with a close friend of mine. During dinner, he mentioned that he had heard on NPR that China was considering amendments to their constitution to officially recognize private property ownership. So with a little help from Google, I found this piece about the amendments. Read more »

Spirit Lands on Mars

A couple early images. Great job JPL!


early-spirit-mars-2.png Read more »

2004 Predictions

Can't have a New Year without some predictions. So here are some from me. Some are serious predictions, some are completely ridiculous, I only guarantee that most will be wrong!

1. This will be the "year of the cute mascot".
2. The X-Prize will be won by Widget
3. Tux slaps SCO around with a small fish.
4. Tux starts taking bites out of big fish Microsoft! (MS will lose market share) Read more »

Is this the dawn of the space age?

Dale Amon over at Samizdata thinks that we are finally witnessing the dawn of the space age. Mad Dog makes the comment to Dale's earlier post that the Space Age began last century with Sputnik and Gagarin. I have to disagree with Mad Dog. The Information Age did not begin with Babbage, or even when IBM started selling computers. Read more »

Scaled's SpaceShipOne goes supersonic

Scaled Composites has just flown SpaceShipOne through the sound barrier in another flight test. Press release here.


As I crawl out of my own hole (forced there by invading viruses), I see Saddam has been taken out of his hole. Although, as Jonathan points out, there is still a lot wrong with this world, there is only one thing to do -


Pull out the Dom Perignon, start up the party music and celebrate! Read more »

Lesson learned

Never, ever post part one of a series until the entire series is done, edited, and ready for publishing.

AND do not look at later parts between posting the first and posting the later parts.

Private Law: Public Choice and Government Law

This is part two of a series on Bruce Benson's The Enterprise of Law. Part one can be found here.
Read more »

XCOR Passes Regulatory Hurdle

XCOR announced today that it has a "substantially complete" space launch license application. What this means is that the FAA/AST has determined that the application has most everything necessary for them to review the license application and grant (or turn down) the license within 180 days. Rather than trying to explain the ramifications myself, I'll let the XCOR Press Release do the talking.

Private Law

atlaspatrol2.jpg src=""
width="400" height="290" border="0" align="right" hspace="7">With the recent abuse of authority by government bureaucrats charged with law enforcement in South Carolina, it seems appropriate to suggest that there is a much better alternative to the provision of law and law enforcement, and that specifically law is far too important to leave to politicians and bureaucrats. Read more »

Gun Safety

Sorry if it seems I am going overboard about the S.C. high school drug raid, but it bothers me something fierce. This story has so many things in it that are just plain wrong.

Police Lt. Dave Aarons of Goose Creek, S.C. had this to say at the news conference after he and his unit disgraced his profession: Read more »

Spaceship One problems

From Aviation Week (no link due to the expensive subscription required):

Scaled Composites is planning changes for its SpaceShipOne rocketglider, following a pitchup incident in flight test that showed thecurrent configuration is not safe for the planned flight to 100 km.altitude.[...]The results were reported by the company three days later at the Society of Experimental Test Pilots' 47th Symposium held in Los Angeles.

A New Governor

Looks like California is getting a new governor. Gray Davis called Arnie to congratulate him and has graciously accepted defeat. Will things improve? Doubtful. The governor still has to deal with the General Assembly which can be nearly impossible, he has to deal with the hard realities of funding all the idiots feeding at the public trough, and he has to deal with fickle voters. Read more »